Sunday, March 22, 2020

March 2020

This is the Covid19 edition.  Some of these pictures were taken prior quarantine and some after.  This is one unique month . . .

The Calvin Payne Family
Calvin:  We went to Seattle to celebrate Ray's birthday.  We had
home-church and partook of the Sacrament together.

Jane:  Said good-bye to two missionaries who helped out in seminary alot.

The Abe Payne Family

Abe and Grace: We took a trip to Palmyra to see the Restoration sites.
At Joseph Smith Family’s Log Cabin.

Henry throwing everything he can find into Lake Ontario.

Hazel seeing her first Great Lake (Lake Ontario).

Taking a nap

The Ty Payne Family
Ty: I taught the kids about bike maintenance this week.
We successfully changed Afton’s flat tire.

Michelle: Dreaming about what almost was.
(Michelle and Ande were going on a trip to Greece, but it was cancelled due to COVID19)

Afton: I love when Calvin snuggles me.

Eliza: Enjoying PE with Coach Dad.
We went on a hike and completed several challenges.

Kathryn: My preschool teacher sent me some supplies
to help me learn about the letter S

Calvin: The result of one of my many tantrums.

The Joe Nehila Family
Molly and Winnie:  Popsicles at the doctors office (pre-quarantine).

Ezra:  Trying to do Montessori school at home

Ezra: Building a house like the three little pigs.
We used a blow dryer for the Big Bad Wolf

Ezra, Molly, Winnie: Bringing home Ezra’s class
pet to stay for a few weeks of the quarantine

Throwing rocks in the water is therapeutic for
all of us after figuring out how to do homeschool.

Zeph: Holding Thumper

Building a fairy house for one of our “class projects.”

Zeph: Labeling and drawing the parts of a flower.

Molly and Winnie: Field trip to the beach

Molly loved the beach. Until she didn’t.

The Ray Follett Family
Levin and Atlas snowboarding

Ray waking up the bees . . . putting them back out in the pasture.

Inman:  the sun is back in Seattle.

Cali:  out on her nightly foraging run . . .
seeing what groceries are back in stock.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 2020

The month of February brought some great opportunities as well as every day occurrences in our family photos.

The Calvin Payne Family
Calvin:  Teaching Afton, our granddaughter, the Plan of Happiness via
FaceTime.  I used felt cut-outs from my mission to the
Northwest Mission 50 years ago.

Jane:  Atlas took me for a ride on his tote-gote. 
We crashed, but lived to tell the tale.

The Trevor Payne Family
Trevor and Lolli:  We were married in Hawaii
this month.  We are standing with
Lolli's mother and step-father.

The Trent Payne Family
Trent: I won a couple costume contests.

Crisa: Relaxing with our little girls.

Brena: First time driving the truck.

Ethan:  I joined the Army.  I will enter basic training after I graduate in May.

Lexi: Lexi and Jackson


The Ray Follett Family

Ray and Atlas snowboarding.

Cali, Levin, and Atlas snowboarding.

Inman:  Left behind from snowboarding.

The Abe Payne Family
Abe:  Swinging in the park with Henry and Hazel while Grace
does a temple session.  (Next month I'll attend the session while
Grace and the kids play.)

Grace: Abe and Henry went to the Jurassic World show in NYC, so
Hazel and I planned out a girls night and watched frozen 2 and ate lots of treats!

Hazel: With friend Evelyn at ballet

Henry: Learning about dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History.

The Ty Payne Family
Ty: Mountain biking is just as fun in the rain, but a little bit dirtier.

Michelle: I got this lovely picture in the mail today.
Thank you polizei for thinking of me.

Afton: I snuck this note in Dad’s lunch today.

Eliza: Mom has been playing the piano a lot more lately 
so I joined her for a duet. 

Mom: “How did Calvin get so crazy? Did you teach him?”
Kathryn: “No. But I got my crazy from Pepsi.”
(I really am not sure she’s ever even had any Pepsi in her life)

This is the spot where Calvin insists on drinking his morning and evening milk.
It is also the spot where he patiently (sometimes) waits for the milk to warm up.
 And if the rug isn’t there, he won’t drink until it is back where it belongs.

The Joe Nehila Family
Joe: A fun family day at the Asian grocery store and a park in Savannah.

Ande:  Zeph marking “Lord” and “God” during nightly scriptures.

Zeph:  Zeph and Ezra and Speckles
(Ezra’s frog and sometimes-naughty alter-ego)
sharing a shirt until they can get along.

Ezra: Ezra in the hospital with asthma. He’s taking care of Speckles after I (Ande) sat on him.

Winnie:  With Molly at the park. Molly practices climbing and
core strength with a tunnel at physical therapy. Winnie helped her find one
at the park and once Molly got in, she wouldn’t get out.

Molly:  Caught eating chips in the laundry room with Ezra. 

And that's a snapshot of our month.