Friday, May 18, 2018

Pictures for the 18th of May, 2018

This month we didn't get these pictures all taken on the 18th, they were scattered throughout the month, but they did happen and they are memories I'm glad we could preserve. 

Ty and Michelle's Family

Ty:  Simulator training.

Michelle: I have survived another day!

Afton: Sometimes a girl just needs some space to call her own.

Eliza: I love playing with Calvin. This is one of the rare moments when
it’s possible for his face to be cut out of the frame because I’m not right in it.

Kathryn: I spend a lot of my time here lately.
I stayed dry last night and all day for the first time today!

Ty: Playing with Calvin. “Dance Calvin! Dance dance dance, wait...
No... You’re not going to be a dancer. Umm... Punch! Punch punch punch!”

Ray and Cali's Family


Cali with mom and our friend Yoko.

Levin:  Climbing trees using rock climbing gear.

Atlas and his sling-shot.

Inman helping to put together lawn furniture.

Abe and Grace's Family

Touring a civil war battle field with Grandpa
Grace, Hazel, Grandpa, Henry, Abe

Joe and Ande's Family

Ande:  Fixing the dryer.  Only two screws left over.

Zeph and Ezra sharing a carrot.

Winnie and Ezra helping make pizza for dinner. 
Can you feel Ande's stress rising?

Ezra, Zeph, and Winnie

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pictures for the 18 of April, 2018

This month found much of our family in Columbus, Mississippi visiting Ty and Michelle.  All of the men (except Joe, who couldn't make it) went to see Ty fly his last flight and see the airshow at the Air Force base.

Ty and Michelle's Family

Ty: I had a great weekend with the Payne men, minus Joe who was greatly missed.
 I had my fini flight in the T-6, took Dad and Ray in the simulator, enjoyed the air show,
and we all went flying. I had a great time with these wonderful men.

Michelle: Ty presented each of us girls with some flowers and a necklace.
 This is the awkward moment when we weren't sure if we were
supposed to kiss or not.

Afton: When Dad landed from his fini flight in the T-6,
I got to spray him down with water!

Eliza: Dad gave me some flowers and a necklace at his fini flight.
I love him!

Kathryn: I loved having Grandpa Calvin and Uncle Ray over for four days.
It meant there were two more people I could boss around.

Calvin: This is how I enjoyed the air show.

Joe and Ande's Family

Joe and Winnie
I love that where we live allows Joe to work from home some days
and be such an active role in the kids' lives.

Ezra and Zeph at a school fund-raiser.


Ray and Cali's Family

Ray:  In Columbus Mississippi with Ty.

Ray, Atlas, and Inman playing follow the leader.

Atlas and Inman

Inman dominates Tia, the vacuum robot

Calvin and Jane's Family

Calvin:  Enjoying being with the Payne men and flying with Ty

Jane:  Tis the season for rhubarb pie

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A sense of community . . .

I like Amazon.  I like that shopping requires no trip to town or standing in a checkout line.  Shopping does not require walking down overstimulating aisles with blinking colors and blazing signs.  Amazon provides me with instant reviews so I can evaluate before I buy.  I like Amazon.

I like box stores where I know exactly what brand we like and where it's placed whether we're in Memphis or Moses Lake. I like good deals that come from buying bulk.  I like box stores.

I like gift cards.  They're money hidden in my wallet.  They justify buying a gift for myself that I wouldn't normally get.  I like gift cards.

I like the internet.  I like being able to get in touch with someone quickly without committing hours or days or weeks.  I like being able to see our grandchildren's faces and hear their voices every day.  I like being able to research things I want to know without having to buy a book.  I like the internet.

I like anonymity.  I like to shop unnoticed.  I like solitude.

I am a paradox; I like these conveniences and yet I mourn the loss of community.  All of the above contribute to that loss.

Amazon takes away from my community shops and stores.  It's been years since I've walked into the stores down on Main Street.  They won't stay open without customers.

I like unique, hometown, and homegrown.  Box stores can't provide that.

Gifts remind me of the giver and their influence in my life long after the gift was given.  Whenever I see the pewter bread plate we received 36 years ago from Isabelle Loughmiller as a wedding gift, I remember a sturdy woman with a robust character and a hearty laugh.  She was tough as nails and a strong example of endurance.  That bread plate reminds me to be strong.  Every morning when I make the bed and smooth the quilt that our daughter Cali made, I think of her eye for detail and her generous spirit.  Cali is precise and deliberate in her decisions; she craves color, light, and beauty.  Her example has helped me be more aware and less cavalier, it's inspired me to do better work.  Gift cards are quickly consumed with no lasting reminder or message like the quilt and bread plate give to me.

I like the libraries before they became internet cafes, old-fashioned visiting we did in each others' homes, and the days when the phone was hooked on the wall and didn't follow us.

I like belonging.  I like friendly faces with hugs and hellos.  I like people.

I like it all.  The new and the old.  I just don't know how to effectively combine them.

Our son-in-law Ray recently said to me, "The disease of this generation is loneliness."  I was struck at the simple truth of his statement, and the reality that stable communities help cure loneliness.  Some of my habits today don't build a sense of community.

I've got to do some more thinking on this.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Once Upon a Time . . .

Levin listening to The Three Little Pigs

To create another opportunity for contact with grandchildren who live far away, we created a book club.  

I found some well-told fairy tale books at the $tore. As I read them aloud, I made an audio recording on my phone.  Other than a signal that it was time to turn the page (a make-do solution of shaking a jar of safety pins), I didn't do any special effects.  

I sent the book in the mail to each family and sent the audio file via email.  

Each month we'll send another book (and after ten or so we'll burn a cd with the audio recordings that can be stored with the books).  Calvin will read some of the books and as the grandchildren learn to read, I'll ask them to make a recording as well.  

This was a fun (and easily replicated) grandparent activity and I was happy that it was so well-received by the grandkids.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pictures for the Month of March 2018

This month our pictures weren't necessarily taken on the 18th -- some before, some after.  I also asked the family to share what their favorite hobbies and pastimes from childhood were.  Thanks to our family.  I'm so glad we have each other.

Abe and Grace's Family

Abe and Grace: Family breakfast with Pluto.

Abe: My favorite childhood pastime was camping and playing
Cowboys and Indians...although reading was one of my favorites too.

Grace:  Swimming every day in the summer at the Payson pool
and sledding in the winter, horse back riding, riding bikes,
building tree houses and sleeping on the tramp with friends.

Henry: Today I met Pluto, Mickey, Lilo, and Stitch.
I also didn’t wear socks all day today (which was a big deal because I ALWAYS wear socks).

My favorite childhood pastime is playing with Lightning McQueen or Legos. 


Hazel:  Hazel - I also met Pluto, Mickey, Lilo, and Stitch.
I liked it much less than Henry.
This is probably the last time I’ll touch a character this trip.

My favorite childhood pastime is taking care
of my babies and putting on lipstick and nail polish.

 Ty and Michelle's Family

Ty: Mustache March

I loved camping and all associated activities
(catching frogs and minnows, riding bikes, pretending, etc.).
Sleeping out on the trampoline with Abe and Levi (cousin) or Drew (friend)

Michelle: Showing off the earrings Afton got me for my birthday.

I loved playing night games (I think that's the generic term for yard/street games with the
neighbors like capture the flag and kick the can).

Afton: I listened to The Chronicles of Narnia in the car on the way to Birmingham yesterday
on my date with Dad to see the Lion King on Broadway. Tonight we got to watch the movie

I love playing dress up.

Eliza: We played an Easter matching game this afternoon.
 I was really good at remembering where the cards were and
couldn't resist finding a few matches for my sisters!

I love playing pretend.

Kathryn: I’m hiding!

I love playing dress up.

Calvin: I love hitting and grabbing my toys.
And I love when Mom suddenly appears above them!

I love  my toys.

Joe and Ande's Family

Zeph playing legos in the wee hours of the morning.

Ezra stealing Ande's pillow.

Winnie taking an after-church nap.

Joe cooking a giant rib-eye steak.

Joe liked to play with action figures. He has many good memories of playing with transformers
and He-Man. He also liked to play with the antique tin soldiers his grandpa, Pop,
kept in a bookcase in his office. As he got older he enjoyed playing soccer and karate.

Today was our anniversary--which we've decided to celebrate as our family's birthday.
Joe planned a steak, polenta, Brussel sprouts, roasted carrot, asparagus, mushroom and leek,
and tomato feast to celebrate. Each element was at least one person's favorite
dish/vegetable.  We toasted to our family and enjoyed being together.

As a child my favorite hobby was reading. I loved taking a blanket outside in the summer
and reading on the grass, or holing up in my room with candy and a book. As a little girl
I remember looking through picture books and trying to find something about each page
I'd never noticed before.

Calvin and Jane's Family

Calvin:  The missionaries taught Yoko in our home tonight.

I liked hunting (birds and big game), sports (baseball, football, basketball,
track but not tennis or volleyball), playing hide-n-go-seek

Jane:  It's tradition.  Popcorn for Sunday supper. 
After a day of church and a big dinner, it's the perfect ending.

I loved building forts out by the big ditch, riding bikes, packing a "picnic" and eating
my lunch outside, playing with dolls and pretending to go to church with them.

Ray and Cali's Family

Ray:  my favorite pastime is snowmobiling

Cali:  Hauling the boys, and Pooh, up to bed.

I loved building forts and houses.

Levin:  Precious cargo.

Inman:  My face got scratched when my mom fell
on top of me while she was racing Levin.

Henry VIII armor before and after he gained weight.  (NY met Museum)