Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nearly 15 Pictures for the 15th of July 2015

Today is my 53 birthday.  It's also the 15th of July.  That means it's our family's traditional post of 15-pictures-for-the-15th-of-(the month)-of-2015 on my birthday.  What a good day to be born.

To my surprise, the kids' captions to their photos are reasons why they love me.  

53 never looked so good.  I am one lucky blessed woman and I'm grateful to be so loved  . . .

Jane:  I told Calvin I wanted two little bikes for my birthday
so the grandkids will have something to ride when they come visit.
He decided I needed something personal, too, so when he brought
lunch to the office he also brought a little blue box on top of the food.
Opal earrings!  It was the sweetest gift and so very thoughtful.
I think my favorite part is that he bought them at the feed store.

Calvin:  I love Jane because she's a great mother to our kids.
She's also a national treasure and my best friend.

Ty: I love Mom because she's always sacrificed for us to have
good and/or fun things, like a pass to the Nat Soo Pah.
(swimming at the base swimming pool in Mississippi with Afton and Eliza)

Michelle: I love Jane because she chooses to see the world and
everyone in it through rose-colored glasses.

Afton: I love Grandma Jane because she is my friend.

Eliza: I love Grandma Jane... because.

Kathryn: I love Grandma Jane because she is so helpful.
Like that time she held me all afternoon so I would sleep.

Joe:  Thanks for Ande.   You are a good mom.

Ande: I love that Mom taught me to be a mom.
She passed on how to love others and love myself.

Zeph: I love Grandma because she teaches me to be happy.
I also love Grandma because she loves me.

Ezra: I love Grandma because she talks to Mom
and helps her be a better mom.
She also smiles and talks to me. I love Grandma.

Abe:  (Abe's in training and "in the box" and can't
send or receive communication,
but he sent this yesterday,
so I'm posting it for today.)

Grace- I love mom because she's a great example to me and teaches me
how to be a better homemaker and how to make guests feel
welcome when they come visit. She goes above and beyond to
make people feel welcome and feel at home. I love her!
 (Not pictured- the chocolate that will soon be
on top of the washcloth and towel).

Henry- I love Grandma because she plays with me outside
when it's super hot and there's no shade. Also, because she took care of me
for a week when my mom wasn't feeling well and
took good care of me. You're the best, Grandma!

Ray:  We love Janey Payney because she knows how to make guests feel welcome . . . a full cookie jar.
We got dessert and are eating it in her name.

Cali:  I love mom because she taught me to value these things . . . things that are eternal.

Levin:  I love Grandma because she taught me to pick berries.

Atlas:  Riding the "stooker."  "It's a good day."

Being a part of my family brings me great happiness.  Thank you family.