Saturday, December 26, 2020

Looping Luke 2

Merry Christmas from us and our to you and yours.

December 2020

Ty: I had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge during my recent trip
to the UK during a down day. It wasn’t life altering, 
but definitely fun to visit.

Eliza: Eliza wondered why her helmet felt weird.

Calvin ready for home church with Dad!

Michelle singing “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” 
in our church worship service.

Afton:  Our family worked together to create some cinnamon roll cookies for
The Great Corona Cookie Competition.

Kathryn:  Our family ate 14 different cookies acting as judge for 
The Great Corona Cookie Contest.


Friday, November 27, 2020

November 2020

 Family Events, November 2020.

Calvin: I had my first play date just for me today. Mom couldn’t pick a favorite picture.

Kathryn:  I finished my handwriting book and Mom had no idea.

Eliza:  If Afton can run a mile with Mom, so can I. 

I just probably shouldn’t do it right after dinner next time.

Afton:  I set a goal to run a non-stop mile by the end of the year, 

and I got really close on my first try.

Michelle:  Looked through some old photos and reminisced about that 

one time Mom didn’t let me choose my own outfit for my yearly

 portrait studio visit. (To be fair, one year I did choose a John Elway jersey.) 

Mom promised me I’d thank her one day for making me wear this one. 

So here it is...  Thank you Mom. This outfit, shoulder pads and all, is 90’s gold. 

Not pictured: the matching shorts.

Ty:  Calvin is a great workout buddy.

Jane:  The seminary students from the Moses Lake stake indexed

nearly 10,000 names in 10 days.  We celebrated their accomplishment 

with a "Gathering Israel" escape room.

Calvin:  We went to visit Myra Moore, a long time friend.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

October 2020

 Every day life from the month of October . . .

Ty and Michelle Payne family

Michelle: Calvin doesn't nap on purpose. But I'll take this when I can.

Eliza: Journal entry for school on Grandpa Brian's birthday

Calvin: Pumpkin chocolate chip waffles.

Ty: Current COVID restrictions in Poland require mask wear nearly everywhere outside,
even while exercising. Good thing I bought a pack of ten masks to bring with me.

Ty:  flying operations

Ray and Cali Follett family

Cali hugging Levin good-bye as he goes to spend the week
with Grandpa and Grandma Payne

Inman helping Grandma make bread.

Levin gleaning a watermelon.

Calvin and Jane Payne family

Calvin gleaning concord grapes.

Jane gleaning grapes.

Calvin preparing squash for supper.

Trent and Crisa Payne family

Trent and Crisa at the derby.

Trent, Crisa, Brena, and Kiara the the derby


Ethan participating in Basic Training.

Abe and Grace Payne family

Hazel, Henry, and Grace enjoying the fall weather.

Fall picnic with Hudson River at West Point.

Grace and Hazel

Abe and Henry

Sunday, September 20, 2020

September 2020

 A look at the Payne family September 2020

Eliza:  I had a great birthday on the 19th.

Kathryn:  I'm getting really good at reading and writing.
This is my birthday present to Eliza.

Michelle:  They call me Coach Payne

Ty:  I enjoyed helping Eliza open and assemble her robots on her birthday.

Calvin: “This is a green Corona Virus and a blue Corona Virus 
and a blue Corona Virus and a blue Corona Virus!”

Henry and Hazel



Zoey and her human (Trent)

Queen of the Doggies (Crisa)


Brena on paint night.

Brena's finished painting

Trent's unfinished painting


Ray helping niece, Sydnee prepare pears for the dehydrator.

Cali and brother-in-law Rob 

Grandpa and Inman preparing peaches for dehydrator.

Jane:  Months later and it still just seems
so odd to me to see everyone in
masks.  Especially Calvin.  

Follett family playing in the Sound.

Ray, Levin, Atlas, and Inman

Ray and Levin

Cali and the twins

Crabpot at Calvin and Jane's with the Follett Family
Rob, Tracy, and Sydnee Follet came to dry fruit and visit family.