Tuesday, September 15, 2015

15 Pictures for 9/15/15

Calvin:  Giving Ande what-to-do-when-no-water-comes-out directions via FaceTime

Eliza: They don't call me The Bruiser for nothing!

Michelle: Back in my own bed tonight.
One of the few comforting things about our great trip being over.

Afton: I'm trying to get my sisters to sing the song for Family Night.

Kathryn: Life is good.

Ty: We were traveling last night so we did Family Night tonight.
 Here is my "part."

Jane:  Pretty day.  Really pretty day.

Abe:  Another CAV-tastic day.

Ande:  A backward glance.

Ezra:  Sometimes you just gotta lay on the kitchen floor and self-sooth.

Grace:  Surprise shake from Abe.

Henry:  Not feeling very well and trying to sleep it off.

Joe:  Zeph found a new tractor today.  He's happy.

Trevor:  Building at a dairy today.

Zeph: is channeling his inner house cat and crawling
between my legs all my vocalizing his need for attention.