Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not Even Close to 15 Pictures for the 15th of November 2015

Argh!  We almost forget 15 on 15 . . . but here is our attempt to remember:

Calvin:  making Spudnuts from my Grandma Lunt’s recipe

Jane:  The recipe written by Calvin's mother.
We ate and ate and ate . . . because they’re best warm, after all.

Ty:  When we realized it was the 15th, 
we took almost all of our pictures in under 15 seconds.

Michelle:  Quite possibly the least flattering picture that has ever been taken of me

Afton: If you see four legs, you know I'm in there somewhere

Eliza:  I eat cheese like candy bars.

Kathryn: I have yet to find a limit on 
what my sisters will do to make me laugh.

Abe: Taking a night walk with Henry.