Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sixteen Pictures Taken On (or about) the 16th of July 2016

This month's pictures were almost all taken on the 16th, but some were taken the day before and some the day after.

Nevertheless . . .


Ty: using the awesome screwdriver Dad gave me for my
birthday to work on bunk beds for the girls.

Michelle: Afton and Eliza were so excited to show us this rainbow they found tonight.
You can't tell in the picture, but it's actually a double.

Afton: Made a finish line for the stuffed animal race out of socks. 

Eliza: "I see a big bum bum!" Then non-stop giggles at the store.

Kathryn: I had a hard time going to bed tonight.
When they let me out of my crib, I ripped off my pants,
and then I was finally ready to sleep.

Abe:  working with Dad putting a new fence around the pasture.

Grace and Hazel having a good time swimming

Henry:  Helping Grandpa drive the tractor in the pasture.

Nap time at the Nehila's . . .
Not even getting sprayed with the spray bottle
could keep Zeph and Ezra awake on the way home from church today.
Zeph is watching cars for the 105th time. 

Nap time at the Nehila's . . .
Ezra is playing with allll of the toys. 

Nap time at the Nehila's . . . Joe and Winnie are actually napping.
And I (Ande) am glad I took a 3 hour nap while the boys were at church.

Ray:  Teaching Atlas to catch the drips.

Cali:  Ray rescued this nest for me.

Levin:  Time to go back home.

Calvin:  roasting Starbursts.

Jane:  Three little grandsons hadn't yet received birthday presents from
Grandpa and Grandma, so Aunt Grace and I took them to WalMart and
let them choose their gifts.  It was pretty funnywatching them
make their choices.