Friday, September 16, 2016

Over Sixteen Pictures for the Sixteenth of September 2016

A look at a regular day in the Payne family lives  . . .

Calvin:  Caught the Greyhound to Seattle, but didn't dare close my eyes.
(Joe and Ande and their family took the car to Seattle to
catch their plane home.  I went to retrieve it.)

Jane:  Waiting for the bus with Calvin.  Everyone should ride a
Greyhound every five years ago for a dose of reality.

Ray:  Gearing up for a moose hunt.  This is a handheld boat winch.
You never know, we might get stuck, stranded, or get the biggest moose
in Alaska and we would need help hauling it in.

Cali:  Birthday parties turn my kids into animals . . .
for reals.  And they also wear them out.  Tonight as Atlas
dozed off he whispered, "I had a good time at the party."
And both boys cried and cried when I washed off their tiger
faces.  Could not cope.

Levin:  Remembering the rides at the Ellensburg fair.


Abe:  Trying on Hazel's sunglasses.

Grace:  Freshly bathed babies, ready for bed.

Henry:  went on a nature walk and picked flowers for mama.

Hazel:  I adore my brother and he loves me.

Ty and Michelle:  Ty and I went on a date tonight to play racquetball.
I finally paid attention to the score during the third game because I
actually got 6 points.

Afton: Crazy hair, don't care.

Eliza:  I had a hard time waking up from my nap.  Then Kathryn held that
monkey to my face for forever, waiting for me to kiss it, because she
thought it would help me feel better.

Kathryn:  I ate my first corn dog today.  Mom forgot to fully train me
before I dug in.  Once she showed me that the inside was edible too, it
was like I got two yummy lunches instead of one.

Joe:  We welcomed ourselves back to the south (after a long
trip to the Northwest) with fried chicken sandwiches,
sweet potato fries, and pecan pie.  Good to be home.

Zeph:  A year's worth of clothes, 100 lbs of beef, and three kids.
Not a small haul.

Ezra:  "Wow!  Whoa!"

Winifred:  A weary traveler.