Friday, July 25, 2008

Life in My World

Abe is coming home tomorrow for his summer leave. Oh ho, that means we’ll have three out of the four home for over a week! Yay for us. I’m still plugging away on my physical science class. Argh. This class has about 35 tests in it. I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks while I have the kids to teach me what I’m failing to learn from the book, but that the tests are certain I should know. Amazing how my expectations lowered when it’s me trying to pass. This degree will definitely be a family effort.

The new hens are laying. Their eggs are miniature and they haven’t figured out the comfort of the nests so they leave their eggs in the dust.

Ande and I got fresh haircuts today. Ahhhhh. Melanie is a miracle worker. Ande is scrapbooking her Alaska experience. She has found the power in making pages while the memory is fresh. All the kids in her clan were mesmerized by her green eyes, so for one page she took a picture of each one’s brown eyes, plus her green ones. It is cool.

We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon. Good-bye $64.95 for not very many things. At least we’ll have a good dessert for Sunday dinner because we got Oreos, mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate/caramel sauce for a layered ice cream dessert . . . and a big bag of peanut M&M’s to eat while we play games. Hello 6.495 pounds.

We’re eating tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, beets, lettuce, beans, carrotts, squash and peppers out of the garden and all the flowers in the front rows are blooming.

Life in my world is pleasantly ordinary.


Jill said...

Ugh, I had to take Physical Science twice at BYU. I failed it the first time and got a D+ the second time. I feel your pain for sure.

Scrapbooking while the memories are fresh is a genius plan. I wish I had done more of that. I think that's why I have embraced blogging so much, it feels like instant scrapbooking to me and is much cheaper, ha.

I can't believe you guys are going to have all those treats around but are saving them until Sunday, such self-control.

Jill said...

P.S. I LOVE being able to comment directly on your blog now instead emailing you. Somehow being able to dash off my instant response seems much easier and less daunting than composing an email.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Jill, your p.s. grade makes me feel much better. I am struggling with it. At this point in my life, I like to think it's because it isn't being taught well :) (Ha. Now that I think about it, it's on-line so that makes me the primary teacher to myself.)

Oh no, it's not called self-control, it's called it-will-be-twice-as-much-work-if-we-eat-them- early-and-have-to-fix-something-not-nearly-so-easy, so it's really a laziness issue.

Barb said...

Jane your words: "Amazing how my expectations lowered when it’s me trying to pass." gave me pause. So true about my high expectations of my children!
(Share the layered dessert recipe!)

HeatherM said...

Jane-I'm so glad your getting some kids around the house - what a pleasant week you'll have. They'll probably still remember more about physical science than you thought you even neeeded to learn, so I'm betting you'll have made big headway by the end of the week. Keep plugging along - I know you'll do it!

Chris said...

I think Physical Science is just an awful class. I too had to take it twice. I didn't do much better the second time either. Kind of like Jill.

I envy your garden. Growing up we always had a garden and I have had one since I have been married except for the last two years. :-( Not finding a good place for them to grow. There is something about walking into your garden and picking your dinner that I just love. It is a feeling. I will have to start planning this year for next, I will not be able to go through another growing season with out one.