Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teaching Idea--See How They Run

I'm always on the lookout for a fun and quick interaction activity. This one fills the bill plus it is an interesting game that can be used as a nature activity, a fun way to mix people up or a new way to create teams (i.e., "anybody slower than 30 miles an hour on one team, anybody over on another")

The following animals are listed with their approximate sprinting speeds. (Which, by the way, did you know that theoretically elephants can’t run they just walk really fast. I think they have the funniest waddle lope.)

Directions: Write names of animals on slips of paper for each participant. Distribute the papers (but do not allow participants to know the animal’s speed.) Have the participants try to arrange themselves in order of increasing speeds forming a straight line. After the line is complete, read the speeds aloud and let the line rearrange themselves in the proper order.

Animal MPH

Tortoise 1
Ant 1.5
Black Racer Snake 2
Eel 3
Beaver 4
Gorilla 8
Green Sea Turtle 11
Grasshopper 11
Common Bat 12
Dolphin 13
Honey Bee 14
Grizzly Bear 15
White Tailed Deer 15
Blue Jay 15
African Elephant 16
Trout 17
Blue Shark 17
House Cat 25
Giraffe 28
Greyhound 31
Bumblebee 31
Flying Fish 32
Kangaroo 34
Ostrich 35
Horse 37
Great Horned Owl 37
Swordfish 38
Lion 40
Jackrabbit 42
Wild Turkey 47
Dragonfly 52
Pronghorn Antelope 55
Cheetah 59
Canvasback Duck 73
Golden Eagle 86
Peregrine Falcon 92


Nanci said...

This is a great game for people of all ages. I think that kids and adults would have fun and learn a thing or two. I thought that the cheetah would be the fastest. I was wrong.

HeatherM said...

This is so cool. We are doing this at the BBQ next weekend, somehow. Hope Verna doesn't read this first and cheat!!

Lucy said...

I just realized you have a blogspot address. When did this happen? While it's certainly easier to leave comments, I kind of miss your old look.

By the way, great idea and fun activity. If I'm ever in the dreaded ward activity chair person role again, I'm using this one!

Kim Sue said...

wild turkeys, really? I've seen them in the wild and they have never impressed me as being speed demons, huh? learn something new everyday!

Jill said...

This sounds like something that would be hilarious to watch.

Marie said...

How fun! I would love to do that with people. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

You are an endless supply of ideas, I love it!

Barb said...

I had a fun day with Lucy today, but you are even luckier because you get to meet Henry!