Sunday, August 24, 2008

52 Blessings-Sounds

two sounds I love—Ty laughing and ocean waves

One of my favorite days to post is Sunday. I enjoy blessings, I guess. This week I’m grateful I can hear and am posting twenty specific sounds that I like:

the dishwasher hum (it’s a loaded sound because it means every one is full and the kitchen is clean)
Calvin’s soft snore (not to be confused with his loud snore)
whisperings of the Spirit
a little child’s lisp or r’s that are w’s
people singing hymns (it doesn’t matter if the voices are good or not)
a quiver in a voice that is saying something important
birds—especially morning doves, quail, kill-deer, hens and a rooster’s crow
the wind
Calvin and our kids’ voices talking, laughing, singing, whispering. (I’m not fond if arguing)
the fiddle
the dull thud of a tapped lid when a canning jar has sealed
pencil lead writing on paper
the computer ding signaling an e-mail has come in
the sprinklers
the mantel clock’s tick and chime
ocean whooshes
popcorn popping

What are three of your favorite sounds?


deidra said...

I love the hum of the dishwasher. It's my favorite Sunday afternoon sound. It is the best background noise for naps (even in my single days, I love turning on the dishwasher to take a nap!)

I love the frogs outside at night.

I love the giggles of my nieces and nephews!

Lucy said...

I love the sounds of my boys playing.

I love listening to pavarotti sing Nessun dorma.

I love hearing people speak kindly to each other.

Jane, I love this post. You captured a very sweet existence in it.

Liza said...

I too enjoy the sprinkler, along with waves crashing on the ocean, and my kids when they are belly laughing.

HeatherM said...

My kids' uninhibited laughs.

"I love you" from my husband.

Praise music.

Great post, Jane. I love concentrating on blessings, and sounds is one that often escapes me. What a great reminder.

Becky said...

My son practicing the piano...he's still at the beginning stages and I just chuckle over the long pauses as he moves from one note to the next

The Star-Spangled Banner

The ocean

Birds singing outside my bedroom window

My husband playing the guitar and singing me a love song

I guess that's more than three so I should stop! :) Great post Jane!

Susan W. said...

Every time I read your posts, it warms my heart. I love your way of looking at the world.

Here are the sounds I love:

~My kids' laughter
~Rain (a rarity here)
~Crickets chirping
~Children talking
~The ocean

Oh ~ that reminds me! I need to send you pictures from our cruise! Will do that tomorrow from work. :)

XOXO to you!

Mardis Family said...

Love the post Jane!

I love the sound of my kids truly laughing.

I love the sound of rain falling.

I love the sound of peace and quiet, because usually that means my kids are asleep!!!

tina said...

That's a hard question to think of just three, I think.

I like my boys' giggles, music of most types and I do love the ocean as well. We have to sleep with a sound machine - babbling brook is what it's one - to sleep at night. I am not found of the absolute silence at night.

You would love my youngest son's voice I think. He's got a cute voice with a lisp and doesn't quite get r's and l's. He's very articulate though and talks non-stop!

melanie said...

You would have loved to hear the story Dane told yesterday about the 'Wodent'. I was cracking up when he chose rodent over mouse. He's a funny kid.

I love the violin (orchestra music).

I love my kids playing together, they make up funny games.

I love to hear the waves on the beach.

Great post. Love your blogging!

Em K DUB said...

Hello Sis. Payne!

My three favorite sounds are. . .

Rain storms

People singing in Harmony (I love most Soprano/Alto parts together)


Roaring Applause

Honorable mention goes to laughter! How can you not love that!

Perrinsville said...

My husband singing,
My adult children playing games and laughing together,
This sound is gone, but the sound of my mom, her sister, and my grandmother visiting in the living room while I fell asleep in the bedroom.
rain, and barbershop music

Susan said...

My favorite sounds:

Wind in the leaves,

Water rushing by in a creek,

Birds chirping in the early dawn.

But one of my favorite sounds isn't a sound at all, it's the hush of snow falling.

Price Cream Parlor said...

hmmm, only three would be
sound of my littles laughing
sound of the ocean
sound of windchimes. oh, I do love the sound of my frogs in my pond...just not until 3 am.
ok - that was 4.
Loved the pie tips! Looks yummy!

Nanci said...

Your blog is so impressive. How can you think of so many helpful things? Your post about DQ made me laugh. I love the sound of my two year old talking to her toys, pieces of wood settling in a fireplace, and the sound of rain.