Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Homemaking Tip--Earthquake

I keep thinking of the story of the little nine year old boy that accompanied Yao Ming as a flag bearer in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Lin Hao was in a school during the recent earthquake in China. He escaped, but went back into the collapsed buildings to save his schoolmates and suffered injuries in the rescue. When asked why he risked his life and went back in he said it was because it was his job . . . he was the hall monitor.

Isn’t that the sweetest story? “Because I’m the hall monitor . . .” How did he become so responsible?

Today’s homemaking tip is for those of us who live in an earthquake zone and want to be helpful , like Lin Hao, in an emergency: Keep an axe or hatchet safely hidden under your bed, along with a pair of old shoes and a flashlight. There’s a good chance your doors may shift during an earthquake making it impossible to get out of your bedroom and into the other rooms in your house. The shoes are to protect your feet in case of broken glass and the flashlight is so you don’t cut your bed down instead of the door.


Mardis Family said...

But what if I WANT to cut my bed down??? (jk) Cool story about the boy!

Jenny said...

Very cool story Jane. Thanks for sharing.