Friday, September 19, 2008

Life in My World-Part B

A very peaceful place is in Palmyra, New York on the old Joseph Smith, Sr. homestead. There is a grove of trees behind the family home where Joseph Smith, Jr. went to pray and received a vision from our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. It is beautiful and reverent, in fact it is referred to as the sacred grove. On Monday Calvin and I left West Point and drove up to Palmyra.

restored Smith family home (there is also a log cabin on the property where they lived before this one)

If I could choose another time period to live in it would have been in the early to mid or late 1800’s (I’m glad I wasn’t around during the Civil War . . . other than I would have liked to vote for Abraham Lincoln.) Joseph Smith was born in 1805 so the family home and farm in front of the grove is like my dream pioneer playground. I would just love to move in and play house for awhile.

And even though it would mean no king size bed

or dryer to hide our laundry in,

it would mean we would get to be very practical and resourceful and make beehives from hollow logs and

carve water-troughs out of stumps.

And this would be our beautiful back yard with no sprinklers to move or need for a lawn mower.

After walking through the grove and visiting the Smith family homes and barns, we went over to the Hill Cumorah were Joseph Smith was guided by the angel, Moroni, to unearth an ancient record of the Americas which tells of Christ’s dealings with her early inhabitants. It was just a great day to walk around with Calvin and visit about so many things that are important to us and have so much for which to be grateful.

If you had to choose to live during another time period, when would it be?

Have you ever been to Palmyra, NY ? Did you obey the sign or bring a leaf home?


deidra said...

I've always thought the 1930-1940s would be great. I'm fascinated with WWII era things. I don't remember the signs at the Sacred Grove, so no taking leaves for me. (I just might have taken one if I had seen the and my obedience issues!)

tina said...

what a very cute picture of you and Calvin! haven't been eat of the mississippi river, but have always wanted to. sounds like you had a fabulous trip. thanks for sharing your life with us!

Nanci said...

You have been really busy lately.

Congrats to Abe, you must be so pleased with how much he has accomplished.

I went to the Sacred Grove about 2yrs ago and it was still cold outside so we basically had each site to ourselves. There was still snow on the ground so it did not cross our minds to take any leaves. I thought that it was a wonderful trip and the church has really done some wonderful things in preserving the importance of those sites.

Lucy said...

I did that trip in early 2001 and it's so memorable.

I don't know when I would have like to have lived. Whenever I read a great historical story - I want to be in it, but that has taken me anywhere from before Christ to WWII. I do know, and this isn't showing off my best side, that I would prefer having money in any time period. Like when I think about being in a Jane Austen novel, I think about reading books, taking long walks, discussing things in the sitting room and playing the harpsicord while singing. I never imagine taking the feathers off chickens or doing laundry by hand.