Sunday, October 19, 2008

52 Blessings-Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of AK photography

Yesterday I taught a gift-giving class at Relief Society in our "old" ward (we're temporarily assigned to attend the young adult ward). It felt good to see so many friends. Afterwards, Calvin and Cali picked me up and we moved Cali and her things to Seattle. It was a beautiful drive, I don't believe I've ever seen the fall colors so vivid as we drove over the pass. As we drove to Cali's apartment, we passed thousands of University of Washington fans tail-gating and walking to the game or in yachts harbored next to the stadium. That flowing sea of purple made me wish I had a team to root for, games to attend. After unloading Cali's things, Calvin and I drove back over that same beautiful mountain pass and stopped for bbq ribs and chicken. It was a great day. Yesterdays have lots of good, good memories. Yesterdays are good.

Today I slept in (ha, the joke is on me, I slept 'till 5:00, but it did feel like a long time and I have already taken a nap and it's not yet noon, so that's double sleeping in). Calvin and I listened to an inspiring talk on integrity by Sheri Dew and one on patience by Robert C. Oaks. Then I peeled the potatoes for dinner, put the meat in the oven, left the rolls to rise and the jello to set. I'm looking forward to church, especially since I missed it last week while traveling home. Tonight after church and supper, I'll pop popcorn and Calvin and I will most likely sit and watch a movie together and call the kids. Today is satisfying. Today is comforting. Today is fulfilling. Today is renewing.

Tomorrow, as Miss Stacy says on Anne of Green Gables, ". . . is a fresh new day with no mistakes in it. Yet." I don't know what will happen tomorrow, I just know that tomorrow has nothing but opportunities for growth. Tomorrow is what gives today its weight. Tomorrow is what gives today its excitement. Tomorrow is a grand concept. "Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love you tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a day away."

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow--I love them all. But today I'm grateful for all the things tomorrow represents.

For today, which is your strong suit--yesterday? today? tomorrow?


Tiffany Fackrell said...

well seems how I am home from church early do to a SCREAMING child having a melt down becasue it had been two hours since her normal naptime, I won't pick today! Yesterday was a fun day, that I will probably blog about tomorrow, so I am torn between yesterday and tomorrow! Ha, did that make any sense? although, she is down for a much needed nap, so hopefully we have a better today!

Lucy said...

Sadly, I am probably too fond of yesterdays, not appreciative enough of todays and too focused on the tomorrows.

I'm glad the drive was safe and you settled Cali into her new place. And 5:00? Oh. My. Word.

Kathy Perrins said...

You wax poetic. I love them all! Yesterday was catch up from being gone for a week, Today I have been able to add my children' children to new family search, and tomorrow I have to hope to do yard work, homemade bread and granola. They are all good, I am so blessed!

melanie said...

Is it the stage of life with little kids or what? Lucy took the words right out of my mouth! I remember the yesterdays like I should be living the todays and the tomorrows seems worlds away.

Love the post Jane, just what I needed today!

hennchix said...

Jane, I saw this somewhere- it helps me.
"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today."
have a great week!!


Lori said...

Yesterday's seem easier because I'm already through them, but tomorrow's always bring that lining of hope. Thanks for always having such positive, fun posts!! And thank you for being so wonderful!!

tina said...

i am hoping for tomrrow to be a day where I can feel refreshed and not LAZY. i can only hope and pray. yesterday we put on a super saturday enrichment, which i belive was pretty successful. i was pretty exhausted after that though. today, tired again. primary program where of course my son couldn't identify the Bible when asked, "what is this book?" then he had a slight meltdown. tomorrow, work, ugh. that's not sounding like something i am looking forward to. boy am i having a lazy, unmotivated, lazy, tired day! i must sound depressing! :)

michelle said...

Oh, UW! My old haunting grounds... We lived in Seattle for 7 years while Marc got his Ph.D. there, and I worked on campus in the Philosophy department. Those were the days. The days when we were newly married and then had one little child. When we lived in 4 different apartments and enjoyed the Seattle Public Library and public transit. And went to the lake and the Pacific Science Center. And ate cheap Thai food lunches on University Ave. and perused the shelves at the great used bookstore. And Marc was in the bishopric of the student ward.

In spite of all that, I think I actually enjoy today and tomorrow more than yesterday.

Jenny said...

Jane having the day I did yesterday ...I read this and forgot to comment. Thank you for this. I was screaming for tomorrow, yesterday. I love reading your thoughts.

As for 5 am--yaoozers. I thought I was an early bird at 6. Wrong I was :)

Ande Payne said...

I'm grateful for tomorrows too Mamma. I love your blog. Thanks for being my mom.

Kim Sue said...

I love them each in their own way although sometimes I have to work at loving todays! I think because sometimes todays are full of "the buck stops here".

and how sweet is that comment from you sweet that will make you tear up :o)