Friday, October 24, 2008

Life in My World—Five for Friday

Five little things that made me smile this week:

1. A couple of days ago when I was driving home I saw a truck pulled over to the side of the road. Two men holding buckets were standing in a big wet spot in the center of the road. As I drew closer I could see the men stooping and quickly tossing things from the wet spot into their buckets. Seeing reflections, I assumed the men were picking up shards of glass and thought it responsible of them to protect our tires without even the help of orange cones or the police. I hoped it wasn’t a giant puddle of gas they were standing in (I’ve read the warnings on gas pumps and heard friction stories). When I drove by the men, I saw that the shiny little things they were picking up weren’t glass shards, but fish—hundreds of them flip-flopping on the pavement. They were frantically trying to toss them into buckets of water. Instinctively I started reciting, “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish."

2. I got three great deals today. First, I rented Anne of Avonlea to get me through the ironing pile. Cost? 53 cents. Next, I washed the car for $5 and vacuumed it for free (one of the car dealerships in town offers the wonderful public service of a free vacuum.) The final deal I got today was $2.59 a gallon gas.

3. I should always remember that when I ask someone how their day is I should be prepared to hear anything. Anything. Even things about sharp cheddar cheese.

4. Calvin got new taste buds this week. Every single thing I’ve cooked he’s said, “This is really, really good, Jane” two or three times. Even the pancakes. Calvin doesn’t like pancakes. I didn’t change or try one single new recipe either. (Ho. Maybe that’s the secret, not new taste buds.)

5. We’re headed to the temple tonight. I took a nap so I can make it down and back without falling asleep. nap + the temple + supper out + driving with Calvin= good time in my world.


deidra said...

You inspired me to get our mini-Shop Vac (such a good wedding present!) and get our car all cleaned. I figured it was best to do it now, before it gets cold and snowy!

Marie said...

Those are happy things. How on earth did fish get into the middle of the road?

Loved the laughing gorilla picture.

michelle said...

Anne of Avonlea is the perfect thing to get you through the ironing!

$2.59 for gas would definitely make me smile. Heck, I smiled when it went down to $2.95 here this week!

Sharp cheddar, huh? Nope, you just never know.

The end of #4 made me laugh out loud. I'm sure my family might appreciate it if I didn't keep trying new recipes, but I just can't help myself.

Jenny said...

I am laughing so hard that you were reciting one fish....I probably would think of that too.

Yay for new tastebuds that is enough to make your entire week. (I am a huge fan of cooking compliments--especially from the other half)

Isn't that so great about gas prices. Who ever thought we would be so excited over $2.59 a gallon!

Mindy said...

What a great week, Jane and a great post!