Sunday, November 16, 2008

52 Blessings—Wood

Cali, Ray, Calvin and Ande unloading and stacking wood in the lean-to.
I think Calvin is scolding me for holding up progress.

I thought I was a grateful person but after posting a blessing each week I have come to realize how many things are flying under my radar—like wood. I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed gratitude to the Lord for wood.

Last night as I was walking out to work with Calvin in his shop, I smelled the wood stove burning and was so glad we had a warm, good smelling place to work in. Then I thought of the wooden advent boxes I was making and the gunstock Calvin was carving and realized wood was the common denominator of all these good things. Then I thought about paper . . . and

Toilet paper
Falling leaves
Fruit (we wouldn’t have fruit without trees and trees are wooden, right?!)
Houses (and partitioning in those homes)
Décor (frames, wooden bowls, nativity sets, decorative boxes)
Chicken coops, roosts and nests
Picnic tables
Paper plates
Cardboard boxes
Gift wrapping
Smells of pine
Weenie roasting sticks.

Suddenly I realized wood is something I have taken for granted for a long time. Like the sun, I clearly just expected it to always be there. No more. I am grateful for wood.

What blessing has been flying under your radar lately?


michelle said...

Holy cow! You had me at just wood, but then you made that long list! I'm thankful for those things as well.

I think I'm a grateful person, too, but now I am going to be on the lookout for blessings flying under the radar.

Sandy said...

Hey Jane, what a great reminder! Thanks - and yes, its' something we don't often think about.

Jill said...

How interesting, I'm glad you pointed this overlooked blessing out.

Leslie said...

Those are all such great blessings. We are just so lucky, aren't we? I sometimes wish we had a wood burning stove to enjoy that toasty feeling and nice wintery smell of a fire.

tina said...

Wood - good one. i love reading your 52 blessings. you are so thoughtful and helps me to remember the things we sometimes (or often) take for granted. thanks for sharing!

Marie said...

Isn't the 52 blessings project amazing?

Good one for this week. A blessing that totally flew under my radar.

Julie said...

Thanks Jane. I need to count my blessings more often. Wood is definitely on the list now!

Lucy said...

When you get down to the nitty gritty of things - there is probably a lot of things we are not giving thanks for. Like....wood. I'm glad it got some attention on your blog:)

Amie said...

I hope you will post the instructions for this assignment so we can all start our new year with 52 blessings. I love the idea... but my personality won't let me start in the middle.