Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift-Giving Idea— A Good Book Has No Ending

~R.D. Cumming

For the last year I’ve been on the look-out at yard sales and used book stores for hard back books that would make good photo albums. I’ve found two books with a storyline that fit people on my gift list. For Deb, my scrapbook retreat partner, (who promised not to check my blog for a few days), I found a book called “Things to Do.”

The first page says, “Life is not as complicated as some may say . . . here are a few simple things to do to guide you along the way.”

It then gives encouraging advice like “Strive to grow and challenge yourself each day . . .”

Each saying is on a separate page and accompanied by a primitive illustration. To personalize the book I covered the illustrations with Deb’s photography. (I had Alyson, her daughter, sneak me twenty photographs from Deb’s collection.) I bordered the photos with coordinating paper and lightly embellished each page with a paper flower, curly-q and a small pearl. For the book cover, I mod-podged cardstock, added another photo and light embellishments and then spelled the title of the book in black stickers. I added rickrack to the spine for accent.

I worked on this project at the retreat last week, but came home with it unfinished and fairly disappointed in it; however, I learned back in my craft-booth days not to judge a project until it’s finished. I’m so glad I gave this one a second chance because by the time I finished it this afternoon, I was happy with it—it’s personal and so Deb. (And though it's tacky to talk price and friendship in the same sentence, one of the selling points of this gift idea is it's inexpensive--a couple of dollars inexpensive.)

Today’s tip is

  • keep your eye out for good used books (can you imagine how excited I am for the annual city library book sale next week?) that could be easily adapted to photo albums


  • don’t give up on a project until you have finished it.


Barb said...

I want a tutorial! I love this concept.

melanie said...

Such a cute project and a book Deb will love.

And what is this about a library sale? Nice....

Cali said...


I love how this turned out. You are brilliant. I also wanted to write and tell you, "I loved your newsletter today. It moved me. I just felt so good after watching those clips and reading those blogs (even mine... I reread it :) ). I know those newsletters take a LOT of time for you to construct. I appreciate you and them. They are so uplifting. I come away feeling encouraged and motivated to be a better person. Thank you M-O-M.


Julie said...

I agree, don't give up in the middle of a project. Sometimes the best things happen when you start tweaking! I love all your great ideas! You think of the most thoughtful things. You are a kind and thoughtful friend.

Becky said...

This is such a great idea and it turned out wonderfully! I'm sure your friends will be so pleased with their gifts :)

Nikki said...

I love this gift idea. You always have great gift ideas! So meaningful and unique. Thank you!

michelle said...

Great idea! I love re-purposing old books.

Jill said...

This would be such a great gift to get! I'm sure it would be fun to make too, but I think receiving something like this would be so uplifting and great.