Monday, December 29, 2008


I’m one of those people that can have a list stacked high of things to do, but will sit and read a magazine because I don’t want to throw it out if I haven’t read it, yet I can’t dust if the magazine is in the way.

That’s today. I have a list of things that need to be done:

~We have out of town guests coming (my sister, Rachel, got a ticket from her husband for Christmas! We are so surprised she gets to come. My sister, Chris, and her family are coming, as well as another nephew, Levi, and nieces, Emily and Rachel. Calvin’s mom is also coming and all of Ray’s family from Alaska, Texas and Idaho.)

~A house to clean (oh baby, Christmas can be hard on a home) and air mattresses to inflate. (When the kids come home from college they live out of suitcases . . . and the floor becomes part of their suitcase. It doesn’t stress me because it’s only temporary, but trying to clean house on top of suitcase-living kids without making them feel displaced is a little tricky. Calvin and I were planning things out this morning and he said, “I’ll get Abe to organize his things.” We were looking straight into Calvin’s side of the closet which is always in disarray when he said it. The paradox was amusing.

~Several large meals to prepare (food has got to be one of the best parts of a celebration, don’t you think? Our house is the headquarters for everyone while they’re here. At least I’ve already put twenty pounds of beef to cook in the roaster for bbq’s later in the week so I’ve started.)

~A cultural hall to prepare for a wedding (where oh where does the microphone and sound system and tables and chairs and portable stage go? The same place socks do I suppose. At least no one wanted the screen. Ande is sitting in the middle of our family room floor assembling wedding decorations and chuckling at the TV show she is watching. Her laugh is such a happy sound.)

~We woke up to freezing rain and now it’s dumping snow. It’s beautiful! Early, early this morning Calvin and I had to water the table centerpieces which are under the plant lights at his workplace. We saw three semis and three cars off the road and since Abe has to take the GRE at a college 90 miles from here, Calvin took him because he has 4 wheel drive.

~Find eggplant colored shoes for a wide foot. Not an easy task. I got a dress a few weeks ago, but purple shoes? I’m still looking.

So with a list of minute details that need tended, what do I do? I sit down to blog. It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t. I guess I must have already read all the magazines.

Do you get side-tracked when you have a long list?


lelly said...

i love reading your list! i love that you *found time* to write a list! (must right blog post before i turn off computer so that i can tidy up the work space...)

happy wedding week!

Anonymous said...

Jane! This is exactly what I do! Oh man, it totally is a condition. But somehow it all gets done. Maybe the magazine reading it what gives us a break and keeps us sane and happy through it all.

What a wonderful week you are going to be having. Happy wedding-ing to all of you!

deidra said...

I always think of it as my If You Give a Moose a Muffin style of cleaning. Eventually I'll get back to what I started out to do.

Barb said...

I'm often ADD when I clean - and it is so much more difficult when everyone is home (and their stuff is in dressers not suitcases).
Graduate school for Abe, then? Impressive!

Miller Family said...

Oh Do I! Take yesterday afternoon for example: My goal(s) was to clean out the game closet to put more games in which in turn I needed to clean out another little cubby cabinet to place a few non-game items, then went and cleaned out the coffee table drawer (filled with card games) so that all the cards could be in the same place, all the while, I was trying to unpack my new pampered chef pots and pans. I finally got all the areas cleaned, but not in as timely a manner as I was hoping.
Here's to you getting your list completed. I can't wait to see wedding pictures. Yeah!

Lori said...

I'm waiting for my phone call to help....we have several empty beds and rooms and would love to help with something.... LET ME KNOW!!!!

melanie said...

I have extreme ADD when the list is long and the deadline looming. After this holiday week, I think I need a life coach!!

I am so happy that Racheal gets to be here for you and for the wedding couple. Along with all the other family traveling from afar. What a treat!

Jenny said...

Like you that is one thing I have the hardest thing getting rid of. I am not sure if it's the cover, the photos or what I just can't seem to throw it away unless I get a peek inside.

Good luck with the shoes. I am certain you could find some here, but that really doesnt help much.

Nicole said...

I am guilty of getting off task as well. In my professional opinion I believe it to be a coping mechanism though. If I can do "blank" before I do "blank" I will be much more focused and the end reult will be much better. Good Luck with your list. I wish I was able to make it to the reception.

Kathy said...

Amen! It is so good to know that we all make list, but in the long run are dead line driven. Now I feel better!

Becky said...

My magazines and books are *always* my procrastinating friends! :)

Your list was so amusing and I appreciate the way that you are coping with the details and finding the humor instead of pulling your hair out from the stress of it all!

I have always worn a wide shoe and it has been the bane of my existence...will a nice black or brown pair of pumps work with your dress if you can't find eggplant?

Can't wait to see photos from the wedding! Good luck!

mommy nurse said...

Oh, I'm making a list, checking it twice...that was last week. Now we know why Santa needs elves!
I bet Santa is done with the sleigh if you need it for the wedding? Just add it to the list!

Good luck with the wedding and finding shoes? egg plant? what about black?

Julie said...

One word for wide feet and cute shoes NORDSTROM! Eggplant is this years color! Of course, money has to be no object. Maybe TJ MAXX if you are lucky. You will look fabulous as mother of the bride! I procrastinate ALL THE TIME. I check other people's blog and tell them where to find cute shoes when I should be folding mountains of laundry and making my husband a cake. Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

Hope all goes well!!

Barb said...

Happy Wedding Day! (today is my parents 38th anniversary)

michelle said...

Oh, man. I am the queen of getting sidetracked! (most notably while cleaning)

What an exciting week for your family!

Becky said...

How was the wedding?! Hope you are surviving the aftemath :)

Just wanted you to know that I had you in my thoughts this morning and sent a little prayer your way. :)

Marie said...

I knew it! I just knew we were kindred spirits! Your magazine story defines my life and methods.

Have a wonderful wedding day! I am excited to see the pictures!

MaryRC said...

Oh Honey, can I relate!! Your list is a bit more daunting than mine, but can i just tell you how much time ive wasted today blogging, facebooking and reading "Where the Sidewalk Ends" to my children when they should have been in bed! Hey sometimes a sane woman is more important than a to do list.... Don't worry, the important things will get done, and if they dont, just make sure they're not in the pictures and down the road, no one will ever know.... xoxo have fun!!