Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Idea--Bowled over by the Gift of Friendship

In the last 48 hours:

A friend e-mailed and said, “Hey, it’s time to do your hair. What day works for you?”

A friend called and offered to host a bridal shower for Cali and then kindly stepped me through wedding wonders.

A friend called and is coming over Monday night with a friend-force to help me finish a mega Christmas scrapbook project.

A friend sent me a plate of mint brownies with a big red bow.

A friend quilted me a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l tree skirt as a complete surprise.

A friend was willing to substitute teach for me.

A friend sent a card congratulating Cali’s engagement with kind and complimentary words tucked in for me.

A friend offered to let us borrow a movie.

A friend called to check up on me.

I am bowled over at the power of friendship.

What out-of-the-ordinary friendly acts have been shown to you in the last 48 hours?


Amy said...

What I loved about reading that list from my perspective was that it is pure evidential proof of the type of friend you are - amazing!

CookinsForMe said...

I agree with Amy. You must be some kind of friend to get shows of friendship like that! Way to go! Will you adopt me? ;)

HeatherM said...

Jane-I'm with Amy. It's so easy to be your friend - I would do anything for you! Good luck this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list- so great you shared. It truly does say something about the kind of friend you must be to them since the love is being showered on you.

Marie said...

No more than you deserve, my dear.

Jill said...

Friendship is the best thing in the world to be bowled over by!

Alisa said...

I agree with everyone else. I often think- "I wish I were your neighbor!"
You have just been given a little life report card- You have obviously been a blessing to many.

Becky said...

Ditto to everyone else!

I have been bowled over by friendship since my "Feeling Emotional" blog post--kind words, people dropping by with dinner, other people dropping by with Cold Stone ice cream, etc. People are wonderful aren't they?!