Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPT—Things I Enjoy

Calvin tells me that sometimes I run good things into the ground. And he's right. If I find something that works once, well then, I’ll use it two or three dozen times. There is just reason Calvin groans when I serve strawberry-jello-pretzel salad.

Lelly’s challenge today is to take a self-portrait doing something I enjoy. I love Lelly’s ideas. I am glad that I now have pictures of me in the family photo collection thanks to SPT’s. We looked like a motherless clan for several years. But this week, well, I’ve just kind of run blog pictures of me into the ground, what with Alyson’s photography and all. I feel like I’d be serving you strawberry-jello-pretzel salad . . . again. I’ll just paint the picture with words of some things I’ve enjoyed doing today instead:

Interacting with kind, happy, vivacious people
Eating oatmeal, a cheap hamburger from McDonald’s and homemade kettle corn
Sucking on a strawberry cough drop
Reading a good book, enlightening articles and e-mails
Talking on the phone with a bothered friend
Wishing for a nap
Reading the scriptures and praying
Finalizing and anticipating a scrapbook night on Friday
Trying out new soap
Wearing a warm sweatshirt
Seeing a blue sky
Writing Ty
Finishing the ironing
Being with Calvin
Corresponding with the kids
Picking up a mail-order book from the library

It’s been an enjoyable day. How about you? What have you enjoyed today?


Jill said...

Today I've enjoyed being home alone, reading in the cozy, fulfilling an Etsy order, smelling clean laundry, listening to an audio book, watching a movie on the computer while working, blogging, and mailing some things.

carlo said...

oh my, how long has it been since i have been here?

it looks awesome and very happy over here!!!!

what a great list you have made.

Ann On and On... said...

Loved the list!!!
-I have enjoyed reading so many cool SPT posts. (Yours!)
-I've enjoyed a healthy *sigh* dinner my husband fixed.
-talking on Skype with my friend
-riding on a stink free bus and I got to sit down :D
-laying in the dark on my couch (getting through a migraine)
-my last student canceled so I got to go home..... lots more. Thanks for asking, that was fun.

If you haven't already...stop by my blog to be a part of my YuMmY Valentine's give-a-way.

MaryRC said...

i flippin LOVE strawberry jello salad, i do not get enough of it. think of me next time you make it then send me some... mmmmm

Chris said...

Sounds like a great day. I stayed in my pj's curled up in a blanket-snow day for the kids. :-) I ate white chocolate mousse cake, yum and hung out with my kids. I have caught up with some blogs.

Ann On and On... said...

I have to return to let you know what was on the menu:
(I do not eat meat)
celery with peanut butter (protein)
steamed broccoli
cheese and crackers
green peppers

Since I wasn't feeling great he decided to go lite, but healthy. Cute.

Later he got me some frozen yogurt (I bought it on accident, but it is good....not as good at the real stuff. :D)

I hope you saw the giveaway at the bottom of my post it says CLICK HERE....

Thanks for the email !

Anonymous said...

Love this list!
Clever take on an SPT!

Amy said...

Love your list.

I've enjoyed getting my house in order today, planning my next cake venture, and holding on to D for hugs (it's his birthday week and it always freaks me out a bit that they might grow away from me).

melanie said...

I never get tired of strawberry pretzel salad. Love your list. I'm always wishing for a nap. :)

I colored my hair. Yeah! No more gray. I made banana bread, 4 loaves. Yum! I encouraged Milo on a frustrating day. I hung out with my grandma for an hour. And all 4 kids went to bed fed, loved and bathed. Ahhhhh.

Marie said...

What a lovely day, Jane. All ordinary things that can bring you joy if you let them. You've found a key to happiness I think.

Kim Sue said...

wonderfully enjoyable list...the cheap hamburger from McDonalds surprises me

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

Courtney said...

Sounds like a very FULL-filling day! Though, I ALWAYS enjoy strawberry pretzel jello salad...again and again...missed your HAPPY face!

michelle said...

WE looked like a motherless clan for a few years, too!

I like your mental pictures, Jane.

Today I've enjoyed granola with fresh blueberries, reading Entertainment Weekly while exercising (I don't usually read trashy magazines), a hot shower, snuggling with a very tired and cranky Eva... and I'm looking forward to finishing my visiting teaching, making bread, and getting my boys' haircuts -- finally!

Miller Family said...

I actually was able to enjoy an hour nap today while the kiddos slept, washed sheets and remade beds, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that we have been missing, and I just packed my bag for Friday scrap night with you. See you then!

Julie said...

Today I exercised, enjoyed having my daughter home again, and took a nap! A great day. Now if I can just figure out what to make for dinner!

suzannah said...

strawberry pretzel salad is so good:)