Friday, April 10, 2009

Life in My World—Seven Month Uglies

I remember Dr. Price teaching about the seven year uglies in Child Development 210. He said there was no getting around it, your kids would just have homely stages in life so there was no need to panic, just patiently wait them out.

Every spring I’m reminded of the seven year uglies when I see our yard. It has some really ugly months and true-to-prediction it runs in sevens just like Dr. Price said—from October through April. It is especially an eye sore in March when all the tumbleweeds from the neighbors’ fields have lodged in the bushes, the wind has done her damage, there is no snow to hide the dead grass or fallen limbs and it's too cold to work in it.


But Calvin and I both love the smell of a good fire, a liberal dose of round-up weed killer and we enjoy working in the yard together (admittedly we both miss the kids' help and company however) . . .



and eventually the seven month uglies turn into





It’s a miracle that happens every year and it’s always worth the work and wait, so life in our world this week is working and waiting.


Kathy said...

First of all, Dr, Price was our Bishop our first year of marriage. Yes this is the UGLY time of year in the yard, but every ounce of work is worth what we get in the summer and fall. I love the pictures of your yard. That flower bed with the pink and blue flowers is amazing. What kind of flowers are they?

melanie said...

I love your green, green yard. I could live out there in the summer. But when the corn is tall and green, I get lost!

Cassidy said...

I love your house and yard. Always have. Makes me feel at home. Now I just need you to come make MY place like that! :)

Lucy said...

I love that I've been there! Seriously, knowing the lay out and seeing the beauty you describe first hand makes me feel privileged. You do have a very beautiful place.

Oh..and I took that class too. I love Dr. Price.

Miller Family said...

Yesterday I was taking pictures for a post I want to do on "Signs of Spring". It is amazing how things go into "hibernation" then once spring hits, the beauty is magnified again. I love working out in the yard and garden. I wish my hubby was around more to help, but he has much bigger "yards" to work in with our hay fields. We love to help him out.
Your yard is beautiful and it gets me excited to start my garden when the weather is right.

Julie said...

My favorite is the CP+JP on the tree! Your yard is beautiful and I can't wait every spring to get into mine. There is something so great about the smell of cut grass and seeing all the flowers in the spring. It's so great to clean up after the long winter.

Amy said...

Wow Jane. I gasped when I saw the beauty of your now. Wow. What a true joy!