Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Homemaking Tip-Supper

I'm not from the South, but somehow supper is dinner and dinner is lunch at our house and fried chicken tastes good for both.

I'm not an Oprah watcher either, but somehow The Colonel thinks he can unthink what we think about KFC with her help and is offering a free meal coupon at

You'll have to hurry though, you only have until 11:59 tonight to print out the coupons (but it does give you two or three).


Anonymous said...

This has hit the blogs I read like a wild fire. I wonder if KFC realized this would happen....

I want to go there, but I don't think I can resist the side dishes, which will make the 'healthy' chicken dinner, well NOT so healthy.

Alisa said...

Oh so yum-
We printed out 6 last night and off we went. They let us use one for each member of the family.
Best dinner we have had all week!

melanie said...

Argh, I've been trying for a whole day to print these things. A dumb window comes up telling me blah, blah, blah. I don't know. Anyway since I can't get them printed, I'm going to side with Hannah, the side are not so good for me and that's why I'm not using them, ha. Hope you have a good supper!

Lucy said...

Probably not gluten-free. Blast that colonel.