Friday, May 8, 2009

Life in My World—Four Springtime Favorites

1. Frogs and Birds. We have a chorus of frogs that sing us to sleep and a chorus of birds that wake us up. It’s quite an incredible symphony considering it’s an impromptu jam session.

2. Pulling my Columbia sandals off the shelf. When I need comfort for the distance these are my choice, my toes thrive on space not style.

3. Sun. I miserably fail the fair English maiden requirements. My face, arms and legs feel and look so much better with a little bit of color from the wind and sun.

4. Smells. It’s like the whole world gets a squirt of perfume in the spring.

What's your Springtime favorite?


Kathy said...

Sandals, capris, SUN, flowers, smell, pleasant rain!

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

ALLERGIES (Just Kidding). However, that is all that is on my mind, or on my eyes, on my head, on my nose! It never ends! I want to enjoy spring!

Nanci said...

I miss the DC cherry blossoms. I think about them each spring.


I love your blog Jane!!! If I want to take a look at life...a little deeper and need a lift; it is always on your blog!

COLORS ARE MY FAVORITE PART OF SPRING! As Nicole and I flew into Salt Lake this week you could see the rolling green hills backed by the snow peaked mountains. The trees are in every shade of green accompanied by the reds, pinks and whites of spring blossoms! I love it!!!

tina said...

1. birkenstocks (although I hijacked some columbia flip flops from my sis-in-laws yard sale that are pretty nice)
2. sun - but not too hot
3. sitting outside on the clean deck in the evening
4. boys playing OUTSIDE!!!

Jill said...

We don't have a chorus of frogs, but I could ditto everything else in this post! My toes definitely thrive on space, not style. I have been loving the perfume of spring with our lilacs in bloom the past couple of weeks.