Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Homemaking Tip—There’re Lists and Then There’re Lists

As Darla mentioned on her blog, this seems to be the week of lists. Here is my list of lists:

~daily list
~things to do before the wedding list
~things to take to the wedding list
~grocery list
~menu list

We’re on the countdown. Abe and Grace get married one week from today. But before that, Ty comes home from his two year mission to Taiwan . . . tomorrow! Because of the international dateline, Ty gets a two-day birthday this year. He leaves Taiwan at 6:00 pm in the evening on his birthday and flies and flies and flies and then layovers a time or two and then arrives in Washington at 10:00 pm on his birthday. Here is a snippet from his last e-mail from the mission field:

As we were heading over to (a family’s) house, it finally hit me that I am done. That was my last full proselyting day. I started to cry but had to stop quickly because we had to go make those cute little kids happy. It was a ten year old girl and her 8 year old younger brother. About a week after (the missionaries) started teaching them, their mom passed away. The dad couldn't ever quite give up drinking and smoking and so the family eventually stopped investigating the Church. It was great seeing them. We shared a scripture with the two little kids and reminded them that God loved them and they need to pray every day. Then we started riding (our bikes) home. Well, actually Elder Gassin and I said a prayer together before leaving and I lost it. I don't cry very often, but I did last night. I was so sad. I am really glad I didn't have to leave Jilong (an area in Taiwan where he loved serving) and Taiwan at the same time. That might have just broke me.

So today, first and foremost on my list is Ty. He’s going to be awful homesick for Taiwan and the Taiwan people for a long while, so the least I can do is have frozen otter pops waiting for him. We also need to

~write “Welcome Home Ty” on the garage door with sidewalk chalk
~buy a big bag of purple skittles
~fill the cookie jar
~find him a place to sleep

The rest of the stuff on the list—cleaning the house, spraying off the sidewalk, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden—is all trivia. The most important thing on my list today is making home home for Ty.

What's the most important thing on your list today?


tina said...

I think the most important thing on my list today is going to be eating some Impossible Pie, recipe courtesy of my friend Kim (so I've been calling it Kim-possible pie). It's a no bake cheese cake on grahm cracker crust topped with fruit - today we have cherries frsh off the tree and some strawberries. Yep, I am SUPER busy this week! :) Good luck checking everything off your lists, Jane!

Rebecca said...

Good thing he can't read your blog to spoil his surprises! I find myself too dependent on lists sometimes, and miss the really important stuff, like otter pops in the freezer, or a phone call for a birthday. I'm just glad to have freedom from hourly lists. As productive as they may make me feel, I personally enjoy life more without them!

Barb said...

Kissing my kids goodnight.

Nikki said...

Wow. I can't believe it's only a week until the wedding. And even stranger, I can't believe Ty is coming home from his mission already! What a wonderful busy week!

Kim Sue said...

yeah for all the wonderful things that you need lists for!

Julie said...

Get those otter pops frozen! I love that your home is so homey. (is that a word?) He will love it! I love your sidewalk chaulk on the garage door tradition.

The most important thing on my list today is making sure Steve has something in the freezer to eat while I'm having fun with all of you!

Becky said...

I am super, super excited for you and pray that the day flies by (but at the same time that you don't feel rushed to get everything done!).

The most important things on my list today are play with the kids, write a letter to my dad, and get the kids clothes washed.

Marie said...

Hooray for such a happy to do list! I imagine this coming week will be a little overwhelming. But so, so, so wonderful!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, one week away from the wedding, Ty's return and birthday too, you must be overloaded with emotions. I hope it all goes wonderfully well!

michelle said...

What a delightful post! It sounds like Ty is in very good hands.

On the 24th, the most important thing on my list was making it a good birthday for Max.

Today, it's paying the bills. Hmm. Surely there's something more important than that?