Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool
When days are hot and nights are cool
In the swimming pool
Front stroke, side stroke, fancy diving, too
Oh wouldn’t it be nice if we had nothing else to do.
But . . .

When I was the stake camp director one of the youth leaders taught everyone this song at roll call. I thought our kids would enjoy it and introduced it at family night a few weeks later. Our family sang it over and over—fall, winter, spring and summer. I think Ande liked it best because besides hand actions, we had to sing it 38 times, the first time with all the words and thereafter humming one word, then two, then three, until we were only humming. “Buuuuuuttttttt . . .” however, was sung with gusto.

Bad idea. With potentially thousands of repeats, that song has been an earworm in my head ever since. When I start to feel like I’m treading water and making no headway my head starts to croon, “Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool . . .” and it won’t shut up.

So, though I’m no busier than anyone else, though I have nothing more out of the ordinary going on than anyone else , though I have no reason to be behind, all day my head has been singing, “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool . . .” and I can’t seem to blog, sing and dog-paddle at the same time.

This afternoon I’ve been swimming in:

~Wedding Gifts. Organized and wrapped nine. (I was drowning in misplaced intentions. I hate when I procrastinate.)

~Reading. The Tipping Point (uh-hum, slept then read a paragraph, slept then read a paragraph . . . and I even like the book).

~Writing E-mails. (In fact, that’s why I can post now; I am sitting by the computer waiting for Ty’s e-mail so we can make Air Force Academy arrangements. He reports less than two weeks after he gets home so we better get a plan.)

~The Hall Closets. Sorting again. The kids definitely need more room.

~Phone Calls. I talked to a sick friend, called information more than once and heard the busy signal a dozen times.

~Guilt. I haven't walked in over a week.

That’s it. Here’s to a more productive day tomorrow where I don't just dog-paddle or hear that silly song over and over again.

How about you, did you float or sink today?


Barb said...

I am paddling like crazy when what I probably should be doing is the back float.

Kathy said...

My word is OVERWHELMED! Reading
"The Tipping Point" has helped me understand that we as humans are not programed to have as many things going on in our lives as we do. Truly, how do we slow it down when we are trying to be good homemakers, living on a budget, keeping up with friends, service, church calling, personal growth, gardens, flowers, SWIMMING POOL, fresh strawberries to pick and freeze, family reunions to plan,,,,,,did I hear you? Love you tons, you amaze me.

Kathy said...

PS the pool is open. Come swim with me. :)

Carolyn said...

Sunk. That's it! But, I'm very good at floating back up to the top, so I think I might be on my way. I'll cross my fingers.


SWIMMING IN DEEP WATER...AFRAID TO STOP PADDLING...CHASED BY A SHARK!?! Now how's that for a graphic. Don't linger on me in swimming suit...It could ruin your day. Thank you for making me smile admidst the crazy days of summer. Imagine planning a wedding at my age. Yep, life just gets better and better! :)

Ande Payne said...

I'm sorry I haven't helped more. Tomorrow...I'm all yours baby. Especially when it's nap time :)

Anonymous said...

I am treading along. I figure if I do this, I won't run out of energy...Although I might be heading for deeper waters next week!

Marie said...

How about treading water? That seems to take enough energy!

Greg and Gwen said...

I think that is my favorite song from girls camp. I even started singing it to greg one day (actions and all) and he asked me never to sing it again around him ;) But Lydia loves it!

I think after vacation time, which looked like an AMAZING experience, you deserve to be a little slow getting back into the swing of things!

Julie said...

My nose is barely above the water but I'm still brething and not sunk yet! Off on another adventure tomorrow. Can't wait to come help you with yours! Ty's only home 2 WEEKS! Not fair!

Alisa said...

I have had a little bit of both.
I had just told Jay last night that I feel like I am busy but not getting a thing done.
I have never heard that song before.
I wonder what songs my kids will remember.

Jess said...

Totally SUNK, but that's okay. What a great thought provoking post :) Today I will choose to paddle my heart out, even if my head is barely above water. ALSO, thank you for the awesome news letter today, I loved it!

Lucy said...

Totally paddling! You have some pretty big events coming up so your paddling is a lot more understandable than my own reasons.

michelle said...

Today is a crazy busy day! But I'm glad for a productive one. I can see how that song would be an earworm for sure...

Father's Day, girls' camp, Max's birthday, all within a few days. whew!