Friday, July 24, 2009

Life in My World—A Few for Friday

Cali's organized kitchen

1. One unexpected gratification of being a mother is when the kids do something better than I do. I remember specific “first” instances in each child’s case when I recognized them knowing, doing, understanding or explaining something better than I ever could. It started as young as watching one teach another sibling how to tie shoes, explain a scientific process or make a pie that clearly outshone any I’d ever made and multiplies the older we get. It gives me a mini-thrill watching the success of the following generation and seeing Cali organize her home this week was one of those instances.
I’ve always had a make-the-most-of-the-circumstances and love-it-like-it-is attitude; whereas Cali has more of a make-it-into-what-you-want-it and do-it-right-the-first-time attitude. It plum made me proud to see what a good home she makes.

2. While in Seattle, every night we played several games of dominoes. The loser was to buy milkshakes at the end of the week. By the luck of four points, it wasn’t me. Cali googled “best milkshakes in Seattle” and found a quaint and fun place. I didn’t know milkshake quality could vary so much until I had one of these, I not only slurped I even licked the glass (the rim was dipped in hot fudge).

I can’t wait to play Seattle dominoes again, because I know better than to bet milkshakes in any other game with Ray.


3. Today Lori and I gave our niece a bridal shower. Lori is always very generous in sharing her home and hospitality and she served a couple of salsas with chips, taco salad, fresh rolls and ice cream dessert. It was really good and inspired me to add new ingredients to spice up old recipes.

Betty goes to every bridal and baby shower, rain or shine, as well as every wedding reception. It is a sweet gift of support that she gives to our community. When I told her yesterday how impressed I was that she always makes the effort to support the women in our area she said, “It’s the best way I know to get to know them and have something in common with them.” Betty is an expert, prize-winning quilter and her gifts usually have a piece of her in them.


Tiffany Fackrell said...

Oh I wish my kitchen looked like Cali's Where did she get all those cute matching jars? It is totally true about Betty, I don't think I have ever been to a function where she has not shown up, love her! Now if only we could get her to give away those prize winning quilts at every bridal and baby shower!!!!! HEEEHEHEE!!! Actually she helped my grandma quilt on David and mine quilt for our wedding. I often try and find her stitches because I can usually point them out, especially if they are next to David or my stitche, ha!!

Kathy said...

That kitchen is an inspiration!
Your family does the most clever things. Who would think to google seattle for the best milkshakes? I do love that Betty Lybbert. She is such an inspiration and has bless so many lives.

michelle said...

That cupboard full of matching jars is pleasing indeed. I love what you said about reveling in your children's accomplishments, very well-stated, Jane.

I want to know where the best milkshakes were! You know, in case I ever get back to Seattle...

Kim Sue said...

i love the expectation I now have of seeing Carly do things better than I do!

sheila piper said...