Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Homemaking Tip--If the Bed Fits, Sleep in It

Ray sporting 8-year-old Pal’s Union hat at West Point

Now today's post may just seem like a little common sense, but it might have helped Abraham Lincoln's hosts 150 years ago. You see, Abe seldom fit in any bed they tried to give him. Once, when he was floating down to see the troops on the front line, the captain offered his berth to help protect the President from would-be assassins. It was one long night for President Lincoln curled up in the bunk, so the next day the captain determined to cut out the wall to give him enough room to stretch his legs. Mr. Lincoln, obviously used to discomfort, refused.

President Lincoln was 2-3 inches shorter than our son-in-law, Ray. When Ray called last night saying he was in the area on business and could come see us, he said he would only spend the night if he could sleep on the floor. Now I know he said it with the intent that he did not want to kick anybody out of a bed, but I’m also not going to put an adult guest on the floor if it can be helped. Since none of our beds are long enough for Ray as it is, I could answer honestly and tell him he could sleep on the floor. Then we took the mattress off a bed and put it on the floor so his extra six inches that don’t fit on the mattress don’t have to fall far. It’s a fit . . . for now.


Ty and Dani said...

That is fun that all your kids spouses like stopping by. I bet it is nice to have the additions. Ty hates foot boards for the same reason!

Jill said...

Fascinating! I often wonder what it would be like to be so tall. I can't imagine not fitting on a bed.

Whidget said...

Yeah, I insisted on buying a California king size for Whitney so he would fit on the bed. He wanted the cheaper queen because he said it was plenty big and he was used to hanging over since he'd always slept on a TWIN. I won and guess who loves our bed and hates sleeping anywhere else now!! MY TALL HUBBY! Tell CALI to get a CALI KING for her cali king! ;)

lelly said...

no footboard in our house! i shudder to remember the first 5 years when we shared a DOUBLE mattress.

michelle said...

I have actually wondered about this, Jane. My husband and I are both on the shorter side and yet my feet often feel like they're reaching the end of the bed -- what do tall people do?