Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homemaking Tip—A Gizmo Worth Having

I have very few gizmos and gadgets. Mainly because then I would have to find a place to store them and I would have to read the instruction manuals.

(Case in point: Nearly every night for the past week Calvin has asked me, “Have you read the instructions on the new washer yet?”

Me, “Nope.”

Calvin, “How are you washing the clothes?”

Me, “I just keep using the same cycle you first showed me.”

He shakes his head.

I promise to read the manual tomorrow.

This is not a unique scenario.)

However, there is one gizmo that I finally purchased last month. Heretofore I had borrowed my friend Deb’s and it had saved me hundreds of dollars, so it was worth finding space for. The gizmo is a Cuttlebug embosser. With the embosser I have made hundreds and hundreds of cards and invitations. There are other embossers on the market and I’m sure they work equally as well, but I was familiar with the Cuttlebug so purchased it. You can buy Cuttlebugs (and embosser templates) at your local craft store or order them online.

As with anything, the cards can be as elaborate or simple as you desire. Mine run on the simple side, very simple side. To make the embossed cards unique I add a small embellishment such as a flower, faux pearl, sequin, or brad to the front of the card. I add a little bag of sprinkles to the inside of a birthday card. Recently I also started embossing half of the envelope to match or compliment the embossing on the card. Sympathy, Get Well, Happy Birthday, Happy Winter, Happy Autumn, Congratulations (on your wedding, baby, new home, new dog, passed blood test, graduation, what-have-you), —you can make a card for anything with a Cuttle Bug. It’s been a gizmo worth having.

Do you like or avoid gizmos and gadgets?


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I let my Mom buy them and then I run to her house when I need it.
Terrible, but true. She had told me she does not mind and I love her for that.
What would I do without my Mom?

Jill said...

I definitely avoid new gizmos because I don't have anywhere to put them. But I went to an organizing class tonight and am committed to rethinking the way my house is set up so hopefully I'll come away with some more room at least room for the gizmos I currently own.

Nicole said...

Oh and they are beautiful cards and envelopes! I would be honored to get one. (cough, cough Cali)

michelle said...

I tend to enjoy gizmos and gadgets. But I do need to re-think how I'm storing things... I love the tiny bag of sprinkles! Darling. (I love embossed things as well.)

deidra said...

I'm anti gizmos and gadgets, for the most part. It amazes me how quickly my house clutters, even without extra do-dads.

melanie said...

I noticed my embossed envelope and I loved it! I like gizmos but get frustrated finding them a home. I also need to rethink much of my organizing so the stacks don't overtake me. It's a big job! :)

Miller Family said...

Heather Jenks and I are co-owners of a Cuttlebug! We like it, but it has been awhile since I have used it. I will definitely have to get it and make some cards. I am running out of them.

Ande Payne said...

I sure hope I get a Valentines Day card!

tina said...

We seem to have gizmos -hate the clutter they create sometimes. My mom just sent us something as a surprise though - it's a Monster steam mop. It's COOL. We have A LOT of laminate flooring and this gizmo is going to make cleaning so much easier!!!!

Kim Sue said...

and what wonderful cards they are...I loved my Christmas tree one and the envelope too!