Friday, January 15, 2010

Life in My World

(It was foggy this week, so the light was especially helpful in finding their driveway.)
  • Once a week I take supper to our neighbors. They’re both close to ninety. They’ve tried to talk me out of coming each week, but after I explained that it is the only night of the week that we are assured a main dish, salad, and dessert, they acquiesced. Every time I deliver, I am greeted by this lit lamp post that is dark other nights. I always think, “I’m Tom Bodett and we’ll leave the light on for you” when I pull into their drive way. It's heartwarming being expected. Taking them supper is one of my favorite things to do each week, especially since they don’t get out much and enjoy company.

  • Calvin and I went to a viewing at the mortuary tonight for our neighbors’ 85 year old father. Every time we go to a viewing I think of what a grown up thing it is we’re doing. Funny how after 26 years in the adult world I still don’t always see myself as a grown-up. After the viewing we reverted back to not-so-grown-up and grabbed food at Jack-in-the-Box and went to see Sherlock Holmes. What a funny movie; albeit we could have used subtitles, which again put us in the grown-up crowd.

  • Though I love my classes, I am looking forward to a long weekend. I plan to organize my journals, prepare a speaking assignment, read a book, and make great headway on a home study communications class.

  • We flipped our mattress this week, which means it’s my turn to have the dip in the bed.


(our neighbor's new pivot waiting to be linked together)

  • We’ve had a lot of rain lately and our road is submerged in a couple of places. It’s nice to have warm weather.


  • I bagged homemade cracker jacks in little white bags--complete with a prize and little white label. The bags/labels could have used a little more color, but they were still pretty cute lined up on the cupboard and fun to give to people. I feel a bit of victory every time I successfully mimic a product.

What product do you successfully mimic?
What is one of your favorite things to do each week?
Any plans for the long weekend?


Deanna/Mimi said...

You are absolutely amazing!! You know you could make a business out of yourself....just bottle up your energy and sell it to people like me. Thank you for sharing your precious ways..they bring a smile to my heart and make me want to lengthen my stride. Hugs.

Mike and Lisa said...

Don't worry. I ALWAYS have to have subtitles on in my movies too!

Ande Payne said...

I wish I was home this weekend.

Jill said...

You are so sweet to take your neighbors dinner once a week! They must love that (who wouldn't really?).

I'm glad you still don't feel like a grown-up sometimes, I can soooo relate to that feeling.

It's nice to have a 3 day weekend--I hope you get to do all the things you're dreaming of doing.

We're overdue to flip our mattress.

I would like to have your recipe for homemade cracker jacks.

Susan said...

My dearest Jane,

I think you are amazing, and I'm grateful we are friends.


melanie said...

Milo was so proud of himself when we moved. He came to me and told me that he remembered to have the movers flip our bed. But sigh, that means I have the dip now too. My back and neck have not been happy about the flip. This might turn out to be a short cycle before the next flip.

I do not feel grown up either. I guess it's good to know that feeling might not go away so I can settle in for a bit.

Enjoy your three days! Is it a good book you are reading? Do share.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I wish I could be crafty enough to mimic a product, but maybe I will when I grow-up more! lol. Each week I love to take a little time and blog. And read people blogs which I hardly every do. I am working over the long weekend, but looking forward to Tuesday when Tyler goes back to work :)

Kelly said...

I always think your "Neighbor Jane Payne" is so charming, but it's so fitting, too because it's obvious that you're a wonderful neighbor to have. I'm glad you didn't let them convince you to stop bringing dinner -- I love that.

Alisa said...

You are such a good neighbor and friend. I am certain you are the highlight of their week.
I laughed about getting the dip in the mattress. My husband says we have one, but I can't feel it yet.
I am taking your advice about enjoying January. Your post (along with Jill's) got me thinking that I need to re-think January! So I am trying to find those frugal luxuries this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

michelle said...

My darling grandfather just turned 90 last week, and it is heartwarming to think of someone taking in dinner once a week. You really are Neighbor Jane Payne!

It totally tickles me that sometimes you wonder at the grown-up things you do. Does that feeling stay with us forever, I wonder?