Friday, February 5, 2010

Life in My World—With an Unexpected Emphasis on Food

~I just hung up the phone with a very cheerful woman who sounded about my age. She excitedly said, “What time would you like us to come over?”

I figured Calvin had forgotten to tell me he’d invited people over for supper. And, what with a fridge full of leftover chili and split pea soup, what better way to get rid of it than on someone else? So I only hesitated for a split second and said, “Well . . . what time did Calvin tell you to come?”

She said, “Kevin? Who is Kevin?”

And then I paused for four seconds wondering myself who Kevin was.

She continued, “Oh dear. I don’t think you’re the right number” and then she laughed loud and said, “But thanks for the invitation!”

I was THIS close to cleaning out my fridge.

~Cali and Ray came over yesterday. Ray had work in the area so Cali came and spent the day. We had a great day; I love it when she comes to visit. We didn’t do one thing but eat and visit. We had plans. We always have plans. But instead, we went to lunch then went to get a Blizzard. I had a gift certificate and Cali had a buy-one-get-one-free DQ coupon. It was only wise we include using them in our plans. Cali was amazed I have never had a blizzard before. Ever. Frankly, I was amazed. And what a great introduction to Blizzards it was. I had chocolate covered strawberry.

Then we came home and visited about all kinds of things—Abraham, what books we’ve been listening to or reading, expectations, goals, realizations. All kinds of things.

Ray and Calvin came home after their days of work and after supper we played a few rounds of dominoes. It was a great day. I only wish I’d have taken a picture.

~We replaced the wheat in our food storage this week. I bought some weevil-questionable wheat a few years ago thinking I could cure it. Nope. I couldn’t. It’s no loss, we’re using it as chicken feed (and my guess weevil wheat is a nice change of menu from plain wheat), but it felt good to get our storage wheat replaced nonetheless.

~Calvin has come home with a couple of bags of new pens, planners, notepads, etc. from the potato and grape conferences just like last year. But this year someone handed out these potato chips, too. They looked right colorful on the plate next to the bacon and tomato sandwiches.


Ande Payne said...

Oh I just love you.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

It's been too long, my friend. Time for life in our respective worlds to collide. Are you ready for a Friendly Home Evening? I know Darla and I are!!!

michelle said...

I am totally cracking up about you inviting a stranger for dinner! And you being this close to cleaning out your fridge. Hilarious.