Friday, April 23, 2010

Life in My World—It’s About Time

I got this e-mail from Cali this morning:

Yooo Hooo,

BLOGGING, Isn't it about time.


Yes. Yes, it is Cali. And that is why I didn’t get to mark it off my list once this week. I didn’t make time for it. But we did have time to plant five or six rows of potatoes in the garden and go to Diary Queen for buy-one-get-one-for-25 cents-Blizzards.

And we also had time to read a few chapters aloud from Dave Ramsey’s money book. (Calvin gave each of the kids a book along with an ounce of silver for Christmas so Calvin, Grace, Ande, and I started reading it together this week.) Did you know you’re never too old to be read aloud to? I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

We also took the time to celebrate Grace’s birthday, which included watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea; except I missed the romantic closing Gilbert-is-sick-and-dying scene because I had to go to bed.

We also took enough time each day to go on a walk or jog and to pick a few lilac or plum blossoms to smell on the way.

And of course we made sure there was enough time to cook supper and eat: taco salad, bacon and tomato sandwiches, chicken fried steak/mashed potatoes/gravy, Hawaiian haystacks, etc.

There was time enough to talk on the phone to you, and Ty, and Aunt Krista, as well as write family e-mails, the weekly newsletter, and a half dozen thank you letters, too.

I did take the time to finish two books: an Amish novel that I will never admit to having read and The Faith of the American Soldier.

I also made time to take a couple of naps, by this time of year those 4:00 am mornings have just about run over me.

But you are absolutely right, blogging is all about time and, regretfully, I didn’t make time for it. But all that is behind me now . . .

Wink back,


Nikki said...

I love how productive I am when I'm not blogging. I need to find a happy medium. What a great week you had!

Cali said...


So you were instead living the slogan:

"Family. Isn't it about time."

I'm so glad you could make a blog out of that. I'm also glad you're my mom... because you are quite inspiring.

I love you, Cali

Jenny said...

I think blogging is a catch 22, yes on one hand you don't get anything done, but on other other you are documenting the things in your life (a history) to pass on to your family.

Elizabeth said...

I need to watch some Anne!

deidra said...

All sound like great alternatives to blogging.

I'm still not over the fact that Logan lost its DQ about a year ago. And Heath blizzard fanatic-Chris probably never will be.

Dinner sounds good. I've renewed my dedication to coming up with something besides cereal. Thanks for the suggestions!

And a belated happy birthday to Grace!

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

Love it! Glad you found the time to give us a recap - it seems to be more and more precious these days. Are you liking Dave Ramsey??

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Sounds like you were doing all the right things and enjoying every little moment of it.

I like weeks like that!

I wish I could have been there to watch Anne of Green Gables with you. Love I think I will dust off my copy and watch it this lovely weekend in honor of Grace!!

hennchix said...

Oh Jane! I love your posts and Cali's as well, and Ande and grace's too!! You really got slot done! I need to make lists, it must be much more efficient than my "do it when I think about it" approach. BTW, I am really enjoying the Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie society. However I don't have the discipline you do to use it for a reward!!

Lyle and Mary: said...

I'm glad even you will take an occasional break...even though you are missed while your gone!

Kathy said...

As I was talking about one of the extra ordinary talents that one of my friends has, I was wondering how she had time for it. My daughter in law said, I'll bet she doesn't have as many beautiful flowers as you do. I was glad she said that, because it is for sure that we all use our time differently. I just wish I was better at it! (Spending my time wisely, that is). I love what you did with you time last week!

Alisa said...

Oh the options we have with our time!
I have had to let blogging take a backseat to other things in my life lately. Lots I still want to write about, all in good time.

Becky said...

Glad you are must be something in the air...I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to write a blog post tonight or not :) (Jeff's out of town so I have so many options ahead of me in this long, long night).

I loved your made me nostalgic for Anne and reminded me that I need to keep plugging away at my Dave Ramsey book (Jeff and I went to a workshop when we were in Dallas in March).

P.S. Your Sunday post is making *me* Sunday desperate! :)

michelle said...

Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration to me!

Walks and naps are delightful as well.