Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homemaking Tip—Codes

Calvin called late this afternoon and asked, “Have you thought about supper yet?”

We’ve been married long enough that he knows I’ve thought about supper by late afternoon, even if I haven’t done anything about it. But then we’ve been married long enough for me to know that “Have you thought about supper yet?” is really code for “Please don’t tell me that we’re having potato soup for supper. Pleeease, don’t let it be potato soup night.”

I responded, “I’ve got a couple of ideas, but what were you thinking?” Potato soup really was one of my ideas. I know better, but once or twice a year I try to sneak it past him. He must have caught a whiff of my intentions.

He suggested, “How about tamales?”

Tamales are a grand idea for any supper, but they also take three or four hours to make.

He finished, “I’ve already picked some up.” I love it when Calvin does that.

Somewhere about 40 miles from here, someone makes great tamales and Calvin was near the little store that sells them when he called - $1.25 for great big ones.

I went out to the garden, picked some tomatoes and peppers, and made a batch of salsa for the tamales. And while I love potato soup, it's hard to top salsa and tamales.


I shared this tip with Grace the other night as she set the table: If you set the table first thing it buys you a lot more time while you fix supper. A set table is code for "supper is soon" and everybody is more patient knowing it’s coming.

What are the codes at your house?


Becky said...

I often use the "set the table" trick at my house!

Hmmm...I don't know if I use a lot of codes or not...I'm pretty straightforward with Jeff but I'll have to ask him if he thinks we have any codes :)

Leslie said...

mmm- yummy! Tamales sound divine right now! I like to have a set table, too. And if I can swing it, a clean kitchen when we sit down to dinner so chaos doesn't kick in immediatetly after dinner.

Marie said...

The code I use just about every Sunday night: "Do you want some popcorn?" Translation: "Will you please make me some popcorn?"

Another favourite: "Do you have anything going on tonight?" Translation: "I have a list of things I would like you to do."

deidra said...

No potato soup? What a shame. I made some a few weeks ago, with heavy improvising, that turned out pretty darn good. Every time we ate it I thought, "Dang! This Idaho girl can make one mean potato soup!"

Chris loves tamales, so he wouldn't be able to resist. I like that Calvin checks in with you; I think it's sweet. With weekly meal plans, I get a willing husband, ready to pitch in whenever I've had one of those days.

michelle said...

I love it. That's a great deal on tamales! Marc isn't a fan of potato soup, either, what's up with that?

Jill said...

What a nice surprise.

Emma J said...

I love it that you have always thought of dinner by the afternoon (my thinker is not near so reliable). And that you have salsa (or nigh unto) growing in your garden. Makes me feel happy just contemplating this image of comfort and order!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

My code for can you do the dishes because I did supper is... "alright, it is your turn!"

Deanna/Mimi said...

I like your "language" of codes between you and Calvin. He sounds like a very thoughtful husband. Only one thing wrong with him...he is not a lover of potato soup. The only thing I can think of right pertaining to "codes" is that I will ask Ned, when he is done farming for the day, if he brought in the daily newspaper. That means I want to do the crossword puzzle. Thank you for giving me something different to think about today: Codes in relationships. You are so clever.

deidra said...

I meant to comment on your superior tip of setting the table. It does make it look like you've got it all together. We fed the missionaries a few weeks ago and I set the table before they got there. Once they arrived and started asking what they could do, I could say, "Oh, just this, and this, and this, and this and I've got it all done. Don't worry about it!" Having the table set really did make it look like it was under control.

(Maybe Chris should take note that if the table is set, that's probably code for, "I don't know what I'm doing tonight!" Especially since it's usually his job!)

Julie said...

When Steve calls and asks what the plans for dinner are he usually means "Let's go out if you don't have anything going yet". I love it! Since we don't go out much here in Norway I don't hear it much. Soon! Another code is when he tells me maybe I should go for a walk or a drive or something. A not so subtle code that says, "cool off!".