Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life in My World—Keep a Goin’, Just Keep a Goin’

Some stories you just keep reliving. It never ends. Like the tortoise and the hare. What with the whizzing of the past two weeks with school start-up, a trip to Colorado, and fall cleaning, I pretty much sat this week out. I read a book, went out to eat three times, and let the ironing basket bulge.

And then this morning I woke up and realized how far behind I was and tried to run to catch up. I dove-tailed and hurried all day — I listened to the scriptures while I ironed and jogged, prayed while I walked, went to the Primary program practice and practiced the organ afterwards, made eight loaves of bread while I deep-cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and cheered when Army won their football game, took a load to Goodwill and then ironed for another couple of hours. And all I can think about now is going to sleep . . . the cycle continues. But next week. Next week will be different.


Julie said...

I do exactly the same thing. Spurts. I go in spurts. We just need those quiet weeks sometimes.

Marie said...

How did you deep clean your kitchen while you made eight loaves of bread? I bake our bread too, but it leaves my entire kitchen in a fine layer of flour dust everytime.

I bet your calm, slow week felt wonderful!

Jill said...

I relive the same stories over and over as well, but it's nice to have those long lunches and lazy reading days too. It's all good.

michelle said...

I'm with you. Sometimes I have lots of energy, and sometimes I just can't muster enough to do more than read.

I'm tired just reading about your busy day!

Lucy said...

I'm hoping to have one of those days today. I"ve spent the last week reading and am in a lazy rut for sure.