Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Memories—Family Night

Family Night, Family Home Evening – tomato, tomata – we’ve had all kinds. A very few have been spectacular, most have been just regular, and some have been disasters. But regardless of how good they are, in the words of Tevye, they’re tradition.

For years and years our regular family night line-up was rather simple: someone conducted the meeting, we sang an opening song, someone said an opening prayer, the conductor conducted family business and then opened the time up for parts (similar to the event we had in the motel a week ago), a lesson on Christ-like living was given next followed by a closing song, closing prayer, treats, and a game. That was it. Sometimes it took an hour. Sometimes it took fifteen minutes.

I remember one night we were playing hide-n-go seek in the house for games. I was hiding on top of the chairs that were pushed tightly under the kitchen table. The white lace tablecloth hung down both sides. Quiet and still, I didn’t think anyone would ever find me.  I hoped they'd have to call ollie-ollie-oxen-free.  The phone rang right above the table. I didn’t move. After several rings Ty, who was “it,” answered it.

“Hello. This is the Payne’s. May I help you?”

On the other end was one of my stake young women’s counselors – a very lovely, proper, coiffed woman who calculated her humor. I heard her ask if she could speak to me.

Pause. Looooong pause. And then in his little raspy voice, “Nope, she’s busy.”

“What is she doing?”

“She’s hiding under the kitchen table and she won’t come out.”

She never did believe that we were only playing a game.  I suppose we had a talking-to on how much to share with people on the phone during the next week’s business.

Family night is a little different now. A week ago we decided that Calvin, Grace, and I would each take turns organizing it. Last week Calvin made carne asada tacos for supper and then we went to Dairy Queen.  He always plans something good.

September 20th's evening

Tonight was my turn. Calvin was nervous.  He shouldn't have been.  I shared the scriptures “the glory of God is intelligence. . .” and “. . . seek ye out of the best books . . .” and then asked everyone to think of a subject that we would someday like to teach Clara. We went to the cemetery and shared our topics.

Then we went to the library and chose books on our subjects.  Finally we went across the street to the drugstore and picked out a treat to eat while we read our books.

Here’re the topics. Here’re the treats. Can you match them to Calvin, Grace, and me?

Jordan Almonds                                              Reptiles

Jordan Almonds                                              Military

Tortilla chips and cheese dip                            Founding Fathers

                                                                                    (Calvin had to change his topic to owls)

Family Night, Family Home Evening – it’s a tradition.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Jayne-Founding Fathers-Jordan Almonds
Calvin-Owls-Chips and Dip
Gracey-Military-Jordan Almonds

Lucy said...

Jayne - Founding fathers and Chips and Dip

Calvin - Reptiles and Jordan Almonds

Grace - Military and Jordan Almonds

We have a really hard time being consistent with FHE. We recently have made a more concerted effort to have it MONDAY, like it's supposed to be, but then Jay didn't get home from work until 10 pm. Maybe tonight.

I sincerely hope that one of my children will someday have a memory of me hiding underneath the kitchen table. Must get a tablecloth first.

Jill said...

How funny to think of you hiding under the kitchen table.

Grace said...

Thank you for a fun family night! You always come up with the best ideas. I only hope mine's half that good next week! I love you!

michelle said...

I just love the image of you hiding under the table with the tablecloth.

My guesses: Jane - founding fathers & jordan almonds

Calvin - reptiles/owls & chips/dip

Grace - military & jordan almonds

A tricky one! Calvin could be military, too...

Cassidy said...

How fun!!
I wish I could have been there for the carne asada tacos. I have been craving Mexican food like you wouldn't believe. I was even dreaming about it the other night.

Deanna/Mimi said...

This is my guess on the fantastic threesome of Grace, Calvin and Jane.
Grace: Military and Jordan Almonds
Calvin: Reptiles and Chips and Dip
Jane: Founding Fathers and Jordan Almonds.
You make life so great Jane for you family and for us too. What a legacy you are passing on to the generations that follow you and your friends who admire you.

hennchix said...

Great FHE idea! Can I "scraplift" it? BTW- I am reading Team of Rivals- it is really good!

Julie said...

I won't guess on the treats and topics but I do remember a phone conversation my mom had with Cali once. Mom asked for you and Cali giggled and said you were busy... you were in the shower with Calvin. Then you shouted "no I'm NOT" and got on the phone. I think Cali needs the same talking to as Ty. :) I just love your kids.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh ho, Julie. That makes me laugh, but not as much as it made Calvin laugh when he read it.

Cali said...

Jane: Founding Fathers and Jordan Almonds

Calvin: Military and Chips & Dip

Grace: Reptiles and Jordan Almonds

I got a good laugh out of dad switching to owls... makes me think he was maybe reptiles. I can't see him passing up the opportunity for military, though.