Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Memories -- And The Show Goes On

After my grandma’s funeral, her brother (our Great-Uncle Victor Ellingford) looked around at all of us kids and said in his slow, quiet, unassuming way (Uncle Victor could have been a stand-in for Matthew Cuthbert on Anne of Green Gables), “Why don’t we all go to a movie?” Not only did we go to one, most went to two.

At the next family funeral, everybody looked at Uncle Victor and, whether the nod was official or unofficial I'm not sure, headed to the movie theatre again.

It was only fitting we went to a movie when Uncle Victor died.

Last week when we got word that Uncle Bill had passed away one of my thoughts, albeit irreverent and poorly timed, was “Perfect timing. Secretariat is playing.”

{Hugh and Lila} [Jeff, Janet, Sydney and McKay] {Fred and Lynn}
[Calvin and Jane] {Marcia} [Chris and Bruce]

After proper respects had been paid and we were kindly served the traditional ham and scalloped potatoes dinner, we headed to the theatre to see Secretariat.

When I die I hope there is a good movie playing . . .


deidra said...

I hope there is, too. (And how was Secretariat? With a dad who grew up on the horse race tracks, we had to watch every special feature that came with Seabiscuit. It sort of turned me off to horse racing movies.)

I want party favors at my funeral. I recently read about a lady who loved hosting parties and figured the last party for her might as well have favors. I've made Chris pinky promise to fulfill this last wish for me, too.

Deanna/Mimi said...

I love this post too Jane. I love the sense of humor and the way of life your family has. I need to lighten up a a lot!! What memories you have!

melanie said...

I guess it's not awful to say I love this tradition because the show does go on.

Julie said...

That's a great tradition. I miss going to the movies.

Barb said...

Did Uncle Bill like horses? I hope so, that would make it even better.

michelle said...

You made me laugh out loud again, Jane! I love your sense of humor. And a real-life Matthew Cuthbert? Swoon.