Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life in My World -- We're Going On a Trip . . .

The kids and I used to sing this song in the car:

♫ I’m going on a trip with Auntie Nell and I’m wondering what to pack.
We plan to climb Mt. Everest with a team of twenty yak.
If they stampede I’m sure to need a warm wooly hat.
So I will pack a warm wooly hat. ♪

Calvin, Ray, Cali, Ty, and I are going on a trip to see Aunt Rachel. Actually we’re going to see Justin before he leaves on his mission to Italy, but he lives with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bert so we’ll see them, too. I’m literally wondering what to pack. I usually pack real light . . . reeeeal light so as to avoid scrutiny. But, this is a trip to Aunt Rachel’s and she not only lives in Oklahoma, she lives with Calder and last week after seeing the bees gather on the table to recycle the spilt syrup, he decided to put some on his hand (and eventually his whole body) to see if they’d come get it off of him. Sure enough they do. Do I pack bug spray or syrup?

Calder's hand

♫ On a camping trip with Auntie Nell, wandering through the trees
We just might cross a muddy swamp in water up to our knees.
There’ll be weeds and I might need some rubber boots for that.
So I will pack two rubber boots and a warm wooly hat. ♪

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bert not only live with Justin and Calder, they also live with Jesse and she whips out amazing sidewalk art for fun. Shall I pack syrup or bug spray, and chalk?

Jesse's art

♫ Wherever I go with Auntie Nell, it’s off the beaten track:
A caravan across the sand, three weeks on a camel’s back.
My faithful steed and I might need some water bags for that.
So I will pack three water bags, two rubber boots, and a warm, wooly hat. ♪

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bert not only live with Justin, Calder, and Jesse, they also live with Hydn.  This is an FBI mug shot for a game they played the other day – something about booking the criminal, escaping, ridding themselves of evidence.  And, as Rachel said, “Obviously Hy wasn’t very successful at deleting evidence.”  FBI paraphernalia, I must pack FBI paraphernalia. 

 Hydn, fugitive

♫ A motoring trip with Auntie Nell is sure to entertain.
We plan to drive a little deuce coupe on the Serengeti plain.
To make good speed we’re sure to need some fuzzy dice for that,
So I will pack four fuzzy dice, three water bags, two rubber boots, and a warm, wooly hat. ♪

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bert not only live with Justin, Calder, Jesse, and Hydn, they also live with Pal.  Pal is a magician.  This is no passing phase; he’s been in it since I was there the last time two years ago and we made cupcakes and baked a cotton ball in each one.  He lives for April Fool’s Day and the like.  He needs a rabbit.  So shall I pack syrup or bug spray, sidewalk chalk, FBI paraphernalia and a rabbit?


♫ We plan to take an ocean voyage in a very small canoe.
Without much room to pack a lunch we’ll live on fishy stew.
As we proceed I’m sure to need some fishing poles for that,
So I will pack five fishing poles, four fuzzy dice, three water bags,
two rubber boots, and a warm wooly hat. ♪

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bert not only live with Justin, Calder, Jesse, Hydn, and Pal, they also live with Maddie and Cache.  Maddie can make a game out of anything, and Cache has volunteered weekly to serve at the food bank for years.  Rubber gloves would be appropriate . . . and more time.  I’ll need time for Maddie’s games.

Can you see my dilemma? Airport security will have a cow if a bag full of rabbits, FBI paraphernalia, sidewalk chalk, rubber gloves, and bug spray rolls across the belt. I’d not only get the full-body scan, I’d get the frisk too.  I don't think I'm fond of frisks. 

I think I'll pack light (. . . and guess what else? We’re flying first class. Ray and Cali gifted us an upgrade with some coupons they have. And, other than the fact that I’m going to feel real embarrassed sitting comfortably with plenty of leg room, and a real cup of refillable water, and maybe even a bag of real peanuts, while Cali, Ray, and others are going back to the cramped claustrophobic seats, I am quite excited. Don't expect a self-portrait. That I can't do).

We're going on a trip . . .

to tell Justin "Ciao" and that we love him and are proud of him.  He's an incredible older brother and nephew and I have no doubt he will be a powerful missionary.  I'm excited.


Tiffany Fackrell said...

I bet if you only showed up with the clothes on your back they would be every so happy to see you!! that's probably all they care about, just the fact that you are there to share in all of their adventures, they will provide the rest!!!

Jill said...

Wow, what a post! This is going to be some great trip. I dare you to take a self-portrait in First Class, oh please, oh please!

hennchix said...

Holy Hannah!! That is going to be some trip!! I am in awe, and plan on never flying again until those full body scanners and the grope are no more. Have fun!!

deidra said...

Enjoy first class! After the only time we flew first class I told Chris I was never flying coach again. Alas, I've actually wanted to go places, and going places first class hasn't been in the budget. I'm with Jill-- snap one descreet photo!

Alisa said...

I am with the others. A self portrait is a must see!
Have a great trip!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Your so fun!

melanie said...

Oh fun, I know you will have a grand time! Will Abe and Ande feel left out?

Hmmm, will you take Jill's dare? Maybe people in first class sleep with all their leg room. They'll never know.

Emma J said...

What fun! This post I mean. So clever. The trip sounds great too!

michelle said...

So clever! I'm giggling about you packing real light to avoid scrutiny. And "I don't think I'm fond of frisks." And the FBI game sounds like one that would go over huge around here!

What a delight to fly first class!

Becky said...

Sounds like soo much fun!

That sidewalk art is nothing short of amazing! Enjoy your trip...and I'm with Jill on you taking a self-portrait on the airplane (although, for the record, I'm not sure I could do it!). :)

Rachel said...

Good luck Justin! (I can't believe you know ALL of those verses! That song seemed to take forever to sing!)

Julie said...

It's so great that you can all be there to support Justin! Have a great time. I won't tell you until after your trip about my latest airport adventure with the "frisk". Let's just say I was not impressed with my first few minutes back on American soil! It was NOT impressive and involved a female supervisor and a small room. Enjoy first class!

Lyle and Mary: said...

Have a great time in OK. We should plan our trips there together sometime...we go the first week of Jan. That's home for Kacey and Sam now.
I see a road trip in our future:)
Eat, watch movies and eat some more, that's what I do on first class.