Friday, December 10, 2010

Life in My World—Surprise and White Lies

Ty finished classes a week early and flew home last night. Last weekend when we were in Oklahoma, Ty said, “I can’t wait to come home.” I responded in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers imitation, “You’ll just be pining for Michelle while you’re home Ty. You won’t be really happy until you’re with Michelle.” Ty said, “I’m determined to be happy at home.”

Oh ho. That is Ty. Determined. It also proved my point: he hates being a part from Michelle and it would take resolve to be happy without her. What Ty didn’t know is that Michelle had called us several weeks ago and asked, “I want to surprise Ty when he goes home and be there to greet him when he gets off the plane, would that be okay?” We all kept the secret. Only once did it almost slip.

We went to pick Michelle and Ty up at the airport late last night. Michelle’s plane came in an hour before Ty’s so we planned how she would surprise him. We even acted it out and went through the whole scene. The man that sat behind Michelle while waiting for his ride even offered suggestions. When Ty’s plane landed, we got in our places. Calvin was to stand where he normally stands: down at the baggage claim and off to the side of the bottom of the stairs; Michelle was going to stand behind the stairs and next to the wall so that Ty would pass by her without seeing her. I was to stand by Michelle so that when she called his name and he turned I could take the video.

Ty, thinking Michelle was still in Utah, texted her and said he had landed and was off the plane. Michelle texted him back and asked him where he was. Ty responded that he was at the baggage claim waiting for his luggage. Michelle laughingly whispered, “I can’t believe it. He just lied to me!” as we re-scanned the crowd just to make sure. Then Calvin got a call from Ty saying he was at baggage claim. Our airport is small. The crowd was even smaller. At the very other end of the airport is a small baggage claim with a few gates. We seldom fly into that end of the airport. Nonetheless, that was where Ty landed.

Ty and Michelle

Michelle didn’t get to surprise him quite like she’d hoped, but ohhhhhhhh how much he loved seeing her there waiting for him. He hugged her again and again and then said, “You lied to me! You said you were at work.”

She brought mistletoe.



Cassidy said...

How fun!!

Ande Payne said...

Yay for Ty and Michelle! What a great surprise! And mistletoe too! That is one lucky boy.

Marie said...


I have always wanted to hang mistletoe over our front door, but I've been afraid of possible embarrassing situations!

deidra said...

Airport surprises are the best. How fun! I'm glad Ty won't have to force himself to be happy without her!

Emma J said...

Cute, cute, cute! What a gift for happiness you and yours have!

Jill said...

Oh they're so cute!

michelle said...

That is just adorable! I love how he was determined to be happy at home without her. What a happy surprise!