Friday, January 28, 2011

Life in My World – A Bit of This and That, But Nothing in Particular

One family night last December, Ty challenged us to prepare a profile at  The pretty pink box with the dandelion blowing away to the right is my link.  Which reminds me:  I feel badly that dandelions and crocs got such a bad rap.  Dandelions are yellow, green, edible, prolific.  With adjectives like that we really should embrace them.  But once someone calls something weedy, it’s pretty hard to think of it as a flower.  And crocs?  Never were there more comfortable shoes made.  How did Hushpuppies and Converses and jelly shoes make the popular grade, but crocs didn't.  (The Tipping Point, The Tipping Point, The Tipping Point.  But still . . .)  I wish someone would make crocs and dandelions wildly acceptable.

I made two dozen banana muffins and a loaf of banana bread today.  With nuts.  Ande isn’t home to be sad about it so in went the nuts.  Snickerdoodles and banana bread are not my favorite things to make.  4-H cooking.  The first year bakers enter cookies in the fair, the second year bakers enter breads.  We practiced and practiced and practiced on snickerdoodles and banana bread.  Times that two or three times (or how ever many of us sisters were in 4-H together that year) and you’d be tired of them, too.  I’m pleased to report the muffins tasted good today.

I’m wondering about Egypt.

I watched Amazing Grace for the first time.  I’ve attempted it several times, but haven’t made it through the opening scenes.  Now I ask myself how I could have slept through such a good movie.

We just finished a great semester yesterday.  Onward, ever onward.


Cassidy said...

That's funny. I totally get the 4-H thing. hahaa. I can't stand snickerdoodles either, mostly because of my mom making me bake batch after batch after batch after.... you get the idea. :) My poor kids will probably never get the chance to taste snickerdoodles.

Susan said...

I loved the movie Amazing Grace! I watched it first like I watch most of my movies, in the kitchen with my little under-the-counter DVD player, while I made lunch-dinner-snack. But it was so good, and captured my attention so much, that I had to watch it again just sitting. Love that.

Yes, on to a new semester. You will still have a Pyle child!

Deidra said...

The sister missionaries challenged us to make our own profiles, so we just did this week for FHE. Though I haven't looked at mine since I created it to see if it was all approved.

My Crocs are my "canning shoes" (or working lots in the kitchen, really). But sometimes, when I don't care much, they even make an appearance outside of the house.

I made banana muffins yesterday. Whole wheat flour + bananas, graced with chocolate chips. Yum!

Mama Tales said...

Oh, now this is funny. My snickerdoodle recipe and banana bread recipe come from my .....
1st and 2nd year 4-H. I don't make them often either. They are great when I do.

melanie said...

I noticed your profile a few days ago. I love it, it's perfect.

I have such a hard time sitting through movies. Amazing Grace was not one of them, great movie.

Banana muffins sound good.

Jill said...

I feel the same way about dandelions and like their cheery yellow presence in the lawn.

I thought Crocs were popular at some point!

I was considering making banana bread tomorrow since Whitney suggested it.

Jill said...

I just read your profile on and it is beautiful!

michelle said...

Any particular reason you are wondering about Egypt?

I have never had crocs, but if they are truly the most comfortable shoes ever made, I think I will have to get some!

I make some chocolate chip-banana muffins that are a staple around here.

michelle said...

Your profile really is beautiful. Reading about Clara's birth again and her parents' reactions brought me to tears. Again. As did your thoughts on obedience increasing our faith. I'm so grateful for that! I don't pray for trials either.

Samantha said...

I like dandelions because my kids always want to pick flowers and they can pick dandelions without me feeling bad.

Ande Payne said...

I love your blogs. I just thought you should know that. I love you, too.

Marie said...

Crocs never caught on in your neck of the woods? It seemed for atime here as if they were all people were wearing. Even my FATHER had a pair he used gardening!

Amazing Grace was a really great movie. How could you have fallen asleep?

I didn't even know you could just go and submit a profile! Yours is great. It made me curious about the other's who were listed under the 'more like this' heading. Could there really be more ladies like Jane?

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

LOVED that movie!

Lucy said...

I am not a nut in the bread lover. My mom always had to make two loaves, one with nuts for her and the other crazies, and one without for us sane ones:)

I'm thinking about Egypt too.

Crocs are ugly. That's why they get a bad rap. But, they are mighty comfy.