Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life in My World – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Joe and Ande’s wedding has moved out of the planning stage and into the help!-it’s-almost-upon-us stage.  Ande and Cali came home on Tuesday so we could get things done.

Something Old

The car.  Abba.

We drove to Tri-Cities on Wednesday to go wedding shopping.  On the drive to and from we visited about books and bookclubs (Ande is getting ready to start a bookclub where she lives).  We listened to Abba in between.  

Something New

Cali, Ande, Grace

Ande found a dress she really liked on-line.  It was so pretty and she hoped and hoped it would fit her as well as it did the model.  She also hoped it would match her personality.  A boutique near here said they would order it for her, but that once she ordered it, it was hers – no returns.  Temporary fear.  It did indeed fit both her body and personality.  Not just a little bit either.  It fit like a cliché; IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE.  Truly.  She looks beautiful in it.  Even more importantly, she feels beautiful in it.  Having done this three times now I have found it is a relief once the wedding dress is found.  A big relief.  For though “The finest clothing made is a person’s skin . . . society (of course) demands something more than this.”  (Mark Twain)

Something Borrowed

Sustenance.  Borrowed sustenance.  Sweet sustenance.  

Ande and Grace
Cali and Ande with Nothing but Noodles lobster ravioli and bbq chicken salad.   Grace and I were on the other side of the booth eating steak kabobs and noodles and vegetables side-stroking in butter.  

I like the food part of shopping.  

Something Blue

Paper.  Piles and piles of blue paper and photographs.

ordering invitation photos (their pictures are great)
Ande feeling a wee bit overwhelmed
Ande and Cali cutting and measuring at "two spots past the seven"

We also made invitations this week.  (Uga, uga.  I think each invitation is handled thirteen times before it’s finished.) The girls kept teasing me that I was not much invitation-help, but do you see that pile of ribbon?  I cut all 420 strips, and creased and folded almost that entire stack of blue cardstock too.  And, I reminded them again and again that someone kept the food coming so that they had the strength to carry on.  Some day.  Some day.  That’s what I kept telling myself.  “Some day they’re going to have to help their daughters make hundreds of invitations and I can’t wait to see it.”  (Oh no.  As I type this it has just occurred to me they may get a daughter like me who would rather order invitations from Costco.  Oh.  I mustn’t think of that.  That is too discouraging.  They really need a daughter who makes her own invitations.)  Albeit I was clearly under-appreciated, it was fun and therapeutic to sit at the table and visit while cutting and gluing and folding.  Even Calvin joined us sometimes.  He'd hear us laugh and pull up a chair, but passed every single time we offered him a position in the assembly line.  He said he was too busy making jalapeño/cheese bread.  Which, by the way, is superb.

“Mawwage.  Mawwage is what (bwought) us together . . .” this week.  And what a fun week it was, too. 



Deidra said...

I'm sad we're all married off in my family. Weddings (and the prep and planning) are so fun. Especially when there's a good mom around!

I knew what I wanted with my wedding dress and was quite glad when I tried it on and it really was what I wanted. No worrying about plan B. Glad Ande's dress worked out perfectly!

Cassidy said...

I'm excited for Ande and you guys!! Looks like a fun girls day!! And yes, Food should always be a highlight!!

Susan said...

Oh my, how very, very exciting!! I'm so glad that the dress fit! What a relief.

I can hardly wait to see how cute these invitations are~ Yahoo!

I love weddings. Maybe because I haven't had to do one yet. ;)or maybe I should do a frowny face?

Jill said...

I'm so glad the dress turned out to fit body and personality so well! It's so nice the 4 of you girls could have this time together to share the excitement and bring everything together.

Grandma & Grandpa said...

What a fun and exciting time! Glad you found the perfect dress. Congratulations to all!

We were in Rexburg last week when our oldest granddaughter came home with a ring, her new fiancee, and lots of plans. A joyful time!

I enjoyed the stories about your cousins! The Friends of the Library sale is one I'm sorry I missed.

Ande Payne said...

This was such a fun week. I lived being home and visiting and talking wedding plans. Thank you for making it such a great week. Thank you for cutting all that ribbon too!

I also loved the line that my dress fit like a cliche. That was clever!

I love you.

michelle said...

How wonderful that Ande's dress fit so perfectly! It must be a huge relief to have the dress and the invitations readied. What a fun time for you and your girls to be together. Once again, I want to be part of your family.

Lucy said...

Four of my siblings and i got married within twelve months of each other. Reading your blog takes me back fifteen years when it us following in each others' footsteps, ordering cakes, finding dresses and planning receptions (although, I am totally the daughter who ordered my announcements.) What memories for your children. Can't wait to see pretty Ande in her bridal garb:)

Becky said...

So much fun!!!