Friday, February 4, 2011

Life in My World – It’s Like Old Times, But It’s Not . . .

Cali and Ande came home for a bridal shower for Ande this weekend.

It’s like old times: Ande asked for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn for supper.  Then she sat up on the kitchen counter to visit. 

But it’s not . . . she bossed us from her perch on how to cook the meal.  Before she only sat and visited and stirred the gravy every now and then. 

It’s like old times: Cali came home with a list of conversations to visit about.

But it’s not . . . she also brought home her laundry because her laundry room is under renovation.  She never brought home her laundry.  Ever.  She’s too efficient to have dirty laundry.

It’s like old times: Calvin went into the district wrestling matches tonight.

But it’s not . . . Ty wasn’t wrestling and I didn’t go with him, and I bet he never yelled, “You’ve got to want it!” even once.

It’s like old times: the girls and I sat down with cookies and ice cream to watch Pride& Prejudice.

But it’s not . . . Cali fell asleep lying on the couch in the first scene and I fell asleep lying on her hip.

It’s like old times, but it’s not.  It’s even better . . . because now Ande knows how to cook her own meals from scratch, and Cali is getting a new washer and dryer and laundry room, and Grace is here and she wasn’t in the old times.  It’s like old times, but it’s not because, well . . . the best is yet to be. 

Grace, Ande, Cali


Nikki said...

I loved this post so much. :)

tina said...

So cute . . . all of it . . . and the girls!

Cali said...

This post made me feel so much... comfort I guess is the word; and excitement for the future and that the best is yet to be. I'm prone to nostalgia and I cried once I dropped Ande off at her house when we got back to Seattle last night. I cried because, like Jo March, I was just wanting everything to quit changing on me. I was feeling lonely for old times. You nailed it though. The best is yet to be. I really believe that.

Ande Payne said...

Oh I loved this blog. Old times and new.

michelle said...

I do love the way you think, Jane. How marvelous for you to have these three girls, and for them to have you. What a great spin on things changing and being the same!

(and how cute is it that Cali comes home with a list of conversation topics??)

Jill said...

I love the way you wrote this, and think it's so wonderful that you all get to be so close together as everyone transitions into different phases of life--there's so much going on!