Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thinking – And that is why . . .

I wear the same size pants and dress that I did when I was in high school – no, wait . . . sometimes I wear a size smaller now.  No one is going to convince me that the extra thirty pounds I’ve gained are clinging only to my ankles.  No, sir.  Liz Claiborne hit a marketing goldmine when she realized all she had to do was size things smaller while making things bigger and people would love her product.  Didn’t take long for others to follow suit and lo, the smaller size for larger bodies was born.  (Oh ho.  I just caught that pun, “follow suit.”  That was wasn't on purpose.) Be that as it may, I went to see Hilda the dress-making-wonder and she said, “You need to add three sizes to the dress-size you currently wear for the pattern you are going to buy.” And then, because Hilda talks fast, she added, “But I don’t tell the young brides and pageant girls that when they come in, I just take their measurements, ask them their dress size, and nod my head.”  Which perfectly explains never outgrowing high school. 

And that is why no one sews anymore.  


 A.n.t.i.c.i.p.a.t.i.o.n.  I’ve never been one for surprises.  I’d rather see it coming down the tracks and have a plan by the time the train stops.  It doesn’t make me the life of the party, but it keeps me from fretting and feeling disoriented.
            Cadets’ parents start planning for graduation on the day their child enters the academy, so we’ve been anticipating that for six years now.  Parents start anticipating their children’s marriages long before that.  But now both of those events, Ty’s graduation and Ty and Michelle’s wedding, are only two weeks away.  A couple of my sisters and their families are coming as well as my brother and his family, too.  We’re putting the final touches on the agenda, planning menus, making reservations, and getting very excited for the celebrations.  There will be an air show, military parade, commissioning ceremony, military ball, and an award ceremony, besides the graduation.  And since we’re together and Colorado is beautiful, we thought we'd throw in a couple of little hikes, too.  All of this leads up to the most important event of the week, the wedding.  I can't wait. 

And that is why anticipation is such a great thing.  It makes an event last three times as long.

I’ve got lots of thoughts and opinions on current world events right now.  But everyone has lots of thoughts and opinions on current events and Bin Laden’s death so you hardly need to read mine, too.  Sufficeth me to say, we live in an exciting time with a lot of plots and subplots, heroes, heroines, and villains.  The chapter we’re in is full of tension.  But, the book of life was written by the Author of authors who gave us a preview of how the book would end in the prologue.  It has a very satisfying and wonderful ending and I’m confident the Author can carefully guide us through the intrigues of the story and future chapters if we don’t skim or skip ahead but stay focused on the text. 

And that is why we should read good books so that we know what is going on.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about this week.  How about you?  What have you been thinking about?


Michelle said...

I've been thinking about anticipation as well. I think it makes the wait 3 times as long. But then it catches you by surprise when one day you wake up and it is only 2 weeks until all of the festivities begin! I'm excited to see you all again soon... REAL soon! :-)

Deidra said...

$16.00+ patterns are another reason sewing is dying. It's not cost effective! Though that's not a really good excuse.

I'm anticipating all the great blog posts you'll have about these exciting events. Hope things all go really well. Congrats to the whole family!

Deanna/Mimi said...

What are I thinking? I am thinking about my body and how it does not work any more. It makes me sad. I see those around me go on about their lives: walking, gardening, visiting, riding in the car, going on trips, etc., and here I sit and only can recall the days of when I could do it all. BUT I find joy in knowing God is in charge and one day all be well. I am joyful for others who can do the things I no longer can. I am happy and excited for the Payne family that has the most wonderful children and happenings that make your family one of the best. I say to all: Enjoy each day to the fullest. Be grateful to God that you can still run, play, clean, etc. Knowing you are happy makes me happy. I love you.

Kim Sue said...

Busy bee! Anticipation. I like that. Much better than the worrier, control freak that I usually label it. I'm thinking I'm tired after a wonderfully beautiful day including a field trip with my daughter, cooking out, and hanging out on the patio. And then "anticipating" tomorrow :0)

michelle said...

That is a lot of thinking!

I love anticipation. And good books. But I also love surprises.

And I am interested in your take on Bin Laden's death.