Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life in My World

Thursday night I received a big surprise.  I have taught religion classes for ten years and last night was seminary graduation.  During the graduation I was given a scrapbook full of notes from students, former students, co-workers, and parents.  It was very humbling and much appreciated.  Each message brought back fond memories not only of the individuals, but of their friends, particular incidents in class, funny comments that were made, and some of the spiritual experiences we shared.  It is quite a gift and I really appreciate the bigheartedness of others taking the time to write down their thoughts and feelings.       

Ande smelling the roses and Cali re-arranging them.

One of the things I love about weddings is the leftovers.  We’ve had brilliant-colored, beautiful flowers all week long on the supper table and on the kitchen windowsill, and colorful striped napkins and plates, too.

We’re eating broccoli, lettuce, cilantro, spinach, radishes, and . . . red POTATOES out of the garden.  Calvin and I are a good team in the garden – he likes to move fast and hoe in between the rows; I like to crawl along and pull the weeds out in the rows; he likes to water the garden; I like to pick the vegetables.  We both like it best when we’re working in it at the same time; it’s a good time to talk about nothing.  I like fixing meals around what’s ready – we’ve had several salads, cilantro rice, and salsa. Sunday dinner will be our first red potatoes (and they are babies, but they're big enough to eat if you dig up enough).

The rest of our week has been putting the normal back in life – working, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, laundry, ironing, weeding, mowing, putting things away, and dozing off at the most inconvenient of times.    


Jill said...

What a wonderful gift to be given! I really love cards and thoughts that are personal and really say something, they are so meaningful. I would love to flip through that book and see some of the wonderful things they said about you, I'm sure you're a fantastic teacher!

I really love having flowers around yet it rarely happens. Our ward gave all the women one Gerbera Daisy for Mother's Day this year and I enjoyed it for 3 weeks before it died! With the amount of enjoyment I got from that and it's long life span I really should get one of those for myself every now and again.

Deanna/Mimi said...

Great picture of two beautiful and wonderful people. My grandchildren, some of whom you have taught, speak highly of you. I hope they participated in the gift to you and the "love cards". You must live in a better part of the Columbia Valley than we do as we are no way near getting anything out of our garden. I think the secret is your special spirit that not only brings "life" to an early garden but to all of us who know you. We are blessed.

Cali said...

Oh, I loved this post mom. I loved the picture of you and Dad. I loved reading about you putting the normal back into life because it's so comforting to me. The normal of your life is the familiar and normal to me.
Yesterday the strangest thought finally hit me. I guess it's strange because it should have come earlier, like BEFORE I got pregnant. But I realized that with this baby coming I was going to be to them what you are to me... their mom. Now, there's no way I could adequately describe what you are to me in a blog comment, or even in a conversation, or maybe EVER; but just know I felt udder amazement that I could be to someone else what you are to me. It also made me think, "you and dad may not be "perfect" parents, but you were perfect for me.
I love you mom. Thank you for being my mom.

Cali said...

"udder amazement"... ha ha ha. Should have proofread before I hit publish. A little Freudian slip I think.

Ande Payne said...

I love your blogs. I saved it to read at the very end. Thank you for posting so often. I sure love you. I hope Cali has her baby soon so you can come visit me soon.

Kathy said...

Super Post, I loved all the elements of it! The gardening was especially fun to read. When I was growing up, one of our greatest treats was new potatoes/fresh garden peas in Velveta cheese sauce. Yum, I can taste it now! Love the picture!

Becky said...

That is such a lovely picture of you and Calvin!

The scrapbook sounds like such a nice gift--I'm sure you deserved every bit of it :)

Marie said...

You and Calvin look so great in that picture! Happy, in love, and in the moment.

Fresh flowers around the house are always wonderful. I've kept a bouquet or two of lilacs inside for the past couple of weeks. My bushes are producing like crazy this year and I love it!

Your eating your produce???? We have had the longest, wettest, coldest stretch of spring that I can remember. We just got our garden in this week. Yup, three and a half weeks later than I should have. I am crossing my fingers for a hot, Indian Summer to give them a chance to mature. If fall comes early, we might just have to write this season off!

michelle said...

I'm so glad that someone went to the time and effort to compile that book for you! What a treasure.

Having fresh flowers around is one of life's greatest pleasures. It's sad how rarely we have them.

Beautiful harvest! I so miss harvesting vegetables from our garden. I think your potatoes look absolutely perfect, I love them tiny.