Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Memories – Church

Last week we received a “Come Celebrate 50 years” invitation for the ward (church unit) where I was raised.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Hollister, Idaho ward first began as a home Sunday school in our neighbor’s living room.  As the numbers grew, we moved to the old bank building where we were organized into a branch, and then finally we built a small church.  I remember taking food to the men as they built the meetinghouse.  It was great fun to play among the construction while they rested and ate.  Eventually our branch was formed into the ward that it is still today.  Besides gaining a wonderful spiritual foundation, I have many, many fond memories of that ward and the people in it.  (Like the time we had a primary meeting at one lady’s house and she gave all us kids candy cigarettes for our treat.  Oh ho, the paradox of that scenario still makes me chuckle a bit.)

Since I was born 49 years ago, I’m not in this picture, but I recognize many of the people in it.  My brother Davy is on the front row, third from the right.  My sister Lila is on the second row fifth from the right.  My sister Chris is on the second row, third from the left.  My sister Marcia is in the third row and sitting on the lap of the person on the far left.  My mom is on the back row on the far right and holding my sister Lynn.  My dad is on the back row on the far left and Grandpa Hoops is on the back row third from the left with Grandma Hoops standing next to him.  I looked and looked for my brother Tim, who would have been a baby in the picture.  I checked all the people in the family to see who was holding him, but no Tim.  I wondered if maybe he was asleep in some corner of the house and missed the shot.  Nope.  I finally found him on the second to the last row, second and a half person from the left.  But, for the life of me I don’t know who the man is that he’s propped up against.  My sister said, “Oh, I clearly remember the day this picture was taken.  Tim had a stinky diaper and nobody wanted to hold him so they made Grandpa.  Grandpa wasn’t very happy about it so he held him as far away from him as he could.”  Well.  That solves that.  And from the sober look on half the faces in the congregation it looks like the diaper bothered them too.  (Or maybe it was  the candy cigarettes scandal.)       

What is a fond memory you have of your childhood church?


Deidra said...

I've been reading while on vacation but commenting seems to elude me. I forget I haven't until I click through from Google Reader and see a few more windows of NJP open. I've loved all the posts.

We're at my parents and I started reading this post. I wasn't exactly sure where Hollister is, so I asked my dad. I told him how you were from there. He told me to ask you if you knew any Chadwicks. I said, "I think she is a Chadwick!" Then he told me to ask you if you know Davy and Lisa Chadwick. Well, reading a little bit further down, I'm going to guess that you do.

So, there's one more tie-in (if we're assuming right) to making the world a little smaller. So here's on more: Do you know LaDell and Carol Handy? They're my dad's aunt and uncle and he's thinking you just might.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness, Deidra. Yes, yes, yes!

You're right. I am a Chadwick.

You're also right. I do know Carol and LaDell Handy and think the world of them.

In fact Calvin and I quote Carol quite often. She once told LaDell something very funny (but not blog-able) and whenever a similar situation arises we quote her. I loved her gravelly voice. She also taught me not to process peaches for more than ten minutes and I love the flavor/texture so much better. LaDell is a great man.

I'm so glad you could go home for a visit.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...


Jill said...

What a fun picture to have! My family moved so many times but I remember loads of people from the many wards we attended; I would love to have a ward photo from each of them!

Becky said...

"Candy cigarettes scandal"--love it! :)

Makes me think of the presidency meeting where we were planning an activity and they were all surprised because I adamantly opposed fake tattoos. :)

The photo is fantastic...and so is Deidra's comment. Those kinds of connections are pretty amazing.

Rachel said...

See? Just the reason to never post something like this. Then people find out our last name! ;) However, I love the Handy's too, so maybe it was worth it afterall.

Clark said...

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Deidra said...

This whole exchange made my Dad's whole month. Okay, mine too! Though we can't imagine our Auntie Carol saying something that isn't appropriate for a blog! ;-) Heaven bless LaDell for going along with her.

We got to see them at my Dad's 60th birthday party at the beginning of our trip. I wish I'd known the connection then. I'm sure Aunt Carol could have shared some stories about the Chadwicks... and if not she probably would have made up something! :-) There's a picture of them here on my sister's blog.