Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Memories – Fries and Bikes

For family night we went on a bike ride along the lake. 

We parked our bikes and stopped at Woody’s Drive-In for hamburgers and fries, and then on our ride back stopped at Woody’s again for an ice cream cone.  We borrowed a couple of bikes from our neighbors (they’re about mine and Calvin's age) for Ty and Michelle. 

I laughed when I saw the soft, overstuffed, big-bottomed bike seats stacked next to each other in the back of the pick-up.  It reminded me of a plaque I used to sell at craft shows:

Age is a funny thing – Santa quits, the Easter Bunny quits, 
and lo and behold the big butt fairy finds you.

Fairy or no, bike riding with your family on a warm summer evening is grand . . . especially on a soft seat.

When we got home Ty and Michelle gave us a great lesson on faith and using our faith to bless other people's lives.


Emma J said...

Thanks for sharing these perfect days - I could smell the bread and the fries and the summer smell of June here in this corner of the woods. Priceless.

Julie said...

I love all the fun things you do together. The big butt fairy has found me. I laughed and laughed at that! I had a Woody's ice cream while I was home. Next time I'll make sure to bring you with me and we'll partake together.