Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Memories - 7/4

Our family's 4th of July memories are made of picnics in the mountains, swimming at the natural warm water spring swimming pool near our home in Idaho, creamed peas and potatoes, patriotic music on the cd player, community breakfasts at the church, city firework displays, barbecues, but no parades.  We've never lived in a town that had a 4th of July parade.  No matter.   I love the 4th of July no matter how we have celebrated it and this year was no different . . .  

I loved . . . rocking a baby in a milk coma.

I loved. . . going on an afternoon walk along the water by Ray and Cali's house and seeing what all the different families were barbecuing and hearing the different music they played.

(One poor family was trying  to grill chicken quarters over poorly lit coals; they were in for a long disappointing wait, but another group with shish-ka-bobs looked like they had a good thing going.)

I loved . . . eating All-American fare for supper.

(Do you eat pepper on your cantaloupe?  It's an odd habit, especially because I'm not very fond of pepper,
but I do like it on cantaloupe.  And as long as I'm rambling, we tried the red and blue kool-aid ice cubes/seven-up drink and it was great.  I'm going to try it at Christmas with red and green, or maybe Halloween with orange and black, or maybe Easter with green and yellow, or maybe a baby shower with pink and blue, or . . .  well, I have warned you before that I can run a good idea into the ground haven't I?)

I loved . . . being able to enjoy this seven four with 'Levin.

(Now that was a great play on words, was it not?)


Deanna/Mimi said...

Every picture is precious or beautiful or both. I treasure the one of you and Levin. I think you are looking younger every day Jane. Your beauty is so natural and one can certainly see the light of Christ in your eyes. What a beautiful grandson...he truly is. Perfect features, a model of perfection in every way. What a blessed child of God he is to be born in one of the choicest families I know.

Clark said...

is cool kis your bigger we love it

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Cali- I have to say this last picture looks like you! I thought more like Ray, but this last picture is definitely you! Keep the updates coming Aunt Jane, they are GREAT!

Marie said...

That is such a great shot of Levin! Eyes alert and everything! (I see a lot of Ray in there!)

Sounds like a great 4th!

Jill said...

I have never tried pepper on cantaloupe, but I enjoy salt on watermelon so maybe it's similar.

How wonderful to spend the day with family, especially Levin. I love holding a baby in a milk coma as well.

michelle said...

oh my! I am terribly behind as I didn't know the baby had been born! I love that first photo so. much.

Deidra said...

Nat-Soo-Pah! I'm partial to the 4th waterskiing on the Snake. Maybe again, one of these years.

Levin is a cutie!