Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 on 11 of Oct '11

All the pictures finally came in!  And here they are in the order received . . . 

 Joe – This is Chinese Mama's, one of my favorite places to eat. 
Ande likes it too, but says it's a little too spicy. 

Ande – These are the Aladdin pants Joe brought me back from his latest trip 
overseas. He said he looked for the loudest and most colorful pair, knowing 
I would love them. The little Asian ladies said they were one size fits all. 
Not only are the super comfortable and match with everything, 
they are also very versatile. I mean, look at that stretch! 
I think I could even do yoga in these. 

Michelle – Teaching seminary this morning. 

Ty – While Michelle went to a Relief Society Activity, I set about doing the dishes and while doing them, 
I discovered mice rice.  The WAR is on!  We set two traps tonight and we'll set more if we need to.

Grace – The Young Women surprised me and brought me a nice card and cookies, 
telling me that I embody “Divine Nature.”

Abe – Rubbing my feet after a long day of training . . . 
just like dad, only without the “Ah Yeah!”

Jane – Finished a wonderfully sad book that made me cry.  
Can’t remember the last time I cried during fiction.  
Swatted flies while I did it.

Calvin – Teaching Dan to count bullets out in the shop.

Ray, Cali, and Levin – I'm afraid Levin stole our family's spotlight for 11-11.
He spent the day working really hard on rolling over.
Don't let the pictures fool you . . .
He didn't roll over ALL on his own, but he tried really hard and I only had to give him the tiniest of a nudge. I just hope helping him roll isn't analogous to helping a hatching bird break open their shell. I think I read somewhere that helping them kills them… doesn't allow them to struggle and become strong. Levin, if you never learn to move your own body, you can blame your mother. If you can skip by the time you're one, you can blame your father.                    

Family, you are the best to play this game with me each month.  Thank you.


Rachel said...

Michelle- Your bump is SO CUTE!!! I'm in love again.
Jane- You cracked me up with your touching book, and flyswatter. That tickled my funny bone.
Levin- You deserve to steal the show.
Ande- I WANT the bookcase behind you.
Joe- Where are you, Joe? No hiding behind restaurants allowed. Only hiding behind babies is excused (Ray).
Abe- Am I allowed to say 'my nephew's ridiculously handsome' without coming across as a pervert?
Grace- LOVE the hair color.
Calvin- Do you plan the toothpicks to look cool, or are you really that cool?
Ty- Do I need to have a talk with Michelle so she doesn't make the rest of her sex look bad, do you cheat and take your shirts to the dry cleaners, OR did they teach you to iron that precisely in the military? I'm curious.
I love these posts.

Susan said...

Oh Jane,
I read Still Alice on my way home from Utah, in the dark, with a flashlight, crying the whole time. Terry kept saying, are you crying over there? If it's making you sad, quit reading it! But I couldn't stop. It's a good story.

I love your 11 on 11 posts too! And such a great family to play along!

Rachel said...

Amen to Aunt Rachel. I love the bump, the tooth pick, the good looks, the hair color, and especially the crying while swatting flies. I would also like to add Ande's pants, Ty's declaration of war face, and Levin's big blue eyes. Thanks for posting this Aunt Jane, I got a little impatient for it this month.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little guy!
Fun to see you today at The Bistro. You looked very sharp.
I'm going to get that book to read. If you recommended it, I know it will be good!

Kim Sue said...

always love to see everyone and a quick glimpse into their lives - and no wonder Levin is stealing the show, he is a cutie!

Jill said...

You have the cutest family! Wow, Levin is growing so fast it hurts my heart.

Brenda Goodrich said...

OK, those pants that Ande is wearing are on every woman in rural Turkey. Hers just happen to be a bit cuter---good job, Joe! And, Levin is breathtaking. Thanks for lunch:)

hennchix said...

I LOVED "Still Alice"!! And Levin is growing entirely toooooo fast! What a handsome little man!!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

You guys make me smile!

Cannot wait until next month!

michelle said...

They really are the best.

I can so relate to the mousetrap picture. (Not now, but I did dream about it last night.)

Cutest little baby bump!

I love the picture of Calvin and Dan, too.

I guess I will have to add Still Alice to my list.

Becky said...

Rachel's comments are as great as the blog post itself!

Still Alice made me cry as well..

Love these posts!

Deidra said...

I read this right before bed and then had dreams about your family! So weird/funny!

That Levin is gorgeous!

Leigh said...

Love your 11/11 posts. I've been wanting to read Still Alice. Not sure I want to cry though...

It feels like I only comment to recommend books, but have you read The Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt? They make you cry, too, but then laugh on the very next page. I love that. Great books I'm guessing you would really enjoy.

Susan Walker said...

Levin is so beautiful!

Congratulations, Jane! You must be over the moon.