Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life in Our World – Trivia

It was so beautiful this morning when I went jogging.  It was worth coming back inside for the camera and then toting it in my pocket.

One night we had yellow tomatoes out of the garden (still going strong those tomatoes are), bacon and sausage quiche, and corn on the cob.  Calvin said, "Hey look!  Everything is yellow tonight.  This is worth taking a picture."  He has developed blogger's eye.

And while I'm on the subject of food, I fixed Calvin breakfast in bed this morning just because.  Yes.  I broke every yoke while transferring them from the pan to the plate.

Our neighbor asked me if we had any fertilized eggs.  I hoped he would take a rooster or three but he just wanted the eggs.  He's got a hen that wants to set.  I'll have to ask him tomorrow if she took to them.

When I came in from jogging, I wished I'd made our bed before I left.  Calvin had commandeered it with hunting paraphernalia.  He packs heavy.  I pack light.  He packs everything you might ever need.  I pack nothing.  Bet I know which one you'd rather go camping with . . .

I went to an Eagle Court of Honor tonight.  This particular Court of Honor reminded me of Follow Me Boys with Ed MacMurray and Kurt Russell in more than one way.  Have you ever seen that Walt Disney show?

One of my assignments this week was to help our Relief Society make chocolate dipped caramel apples.  To make the activity efficient, I dipped the apples in caramel first so that all the women had to do was dip them in chocolate and sprinkles.  Unwrapping caramels took me through one episode each of Psych and Monk.  It also lasted through one episode of silence and several pages of an audio book.  That's a lot of unwrapping.

What's some trivia from your world this week?


michelle said...

That spiderweb looks like strands of pearls! Stunning.

I think that camping would be more fun with as much stuff as possible. But then, I'm not a camper.

That is a whole lot of unwrapping. And the apples are beautiful!

Rachel said...

Love the spider web! And let me know if you ever have any other TV watching chores. I would do ANYTHING if it means I get to watch Psych!! And I mean ANYTHING!

I had a Sober OctoberFest at my house this weekend. Our guests brought everything from root beer to wassail (except for alcohol of course). Sobriety was a good reason to have a party!

melanie said...

Oh I love that movie! I sing the song, 'Follow Me Boys' quite frequently and tell Kat that she has to pretend I'm singing girl too. I want all the Fred MacMurray movies, we always watched them at my grandma's house.

The apples look delicious. A service indeed to unwrap the caramels and dip the apples so they were half done.

Becky said...

Your pictures are stunning!

Love that movie (my grandpa was a Scoutmaster for a long time, Silver Beaver, etc.)--now I've got that song stuck in my head ("follow me boys, follow me...").

Cali said...

I'm so glad you are regularly blogging again... I think I'll join you. I love you mom. Thanks for being a historian and igniting the desire in me as well.