Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Week’s Blessings and Life . . .

thank you google images

  • I went out to the garden to pick some chilies and tomatoes and came back in the house with eight raspberries too.  Bonus. We just planted them this spring.
  • We’re getting more blue eggs each day.  The old hen died.

  • It was fun exposing kids to homemade caramel during Rosh Hashanah.  Some had never tried it.
  • Ande, Ray, Cali, and Levin came to spend the weekend with us. 

  • Calvin and I held Levin a lot during the conference sessions.  It was fun – more fun than folding packets to sell at a bazaar (Ty, Ande, and I folded 100 wall paper samples into packets one year during conference), stitching pillows or table runners . . . more fun, even, than crocheting a leper bandage.

  • After Calvin and Ray went to the Priesthood session of General Conference, Calvin made homemade clam chowder from 100 clams he steamed.  It was good.  I thought the secret ingredient was the oregano.  While they were gone, we made an apple dessert.  The men told us about the meeting as we ate a late supper.

  • We took advantage of a case lot sale and added green beans to our home storage.

  • We got rid of our upright freezer that we no longer needed.  I love the feeling of getting rid of things we don’t need. 

  • Calvin and Ray fixed the dishwasher.  I can now open it without plugging my nose and put the dishes away without rinsing them off first.
  • I started a new independent study class and am finding it doable, yea, even fun.

  • Ande read aloud in her best accent to Cali while she rocked Levin and then giggled when we laughed.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness, Levin is getting so big! He has such a distinct look about him, like he's wise already.

michelle said...

It's good to expose people to homemade caramel. It would be a shame to never have tried that!

I had to chuckle over you saying that holding Levin was even more fun than crocheting a leper bandage. I would enjoy the crocheting, but not everyone would. I imagine there's not much that's more fun than holding your grandbaby.

I love getting rid of things I no longer need, too. But I do need a freezer.

Hooray for fixing the dishwasher!

Deidra said...

Looks like good times! Levin is so cute.

We have very few Western Family cans left in our food storage. I get a little nostalgic every time I open one, knowing pretty soon I won't have any left.

I miss being out west. Chris didn't get home from Priesthood until almost 10:30. It's too late for even a snack by then! Calvin's chowder looks good!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I love conference weekend. So relaxing.

melanie said...

Levin has grown. Train conductor overalls are my favorite on little boys. Adorable. I love Michelle's comment about holding your grandbaby. I can just see you happy.

I miss a good case sale. Was it Leprekon? I'm needing a restock. Maybe after the move. Definitely not before.