Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thinking – Let the Choice Follow

It’s a law of heaven that every choice has a consequence, just like every stick has two ends, and you can’t pick up a choice without picking up the consequence assigned to it too.  It’s a good law – a fair law, a law that makes sense – but it’s also a law that everyone tries to outsmart at one time or another.  It doesn’t matter that it is to no avail, we still try to pick up some bad choices and hope the consequences at the other end of the stick magically won’t follow, or at least change for the good in mid-air. 

And that’s what I’ve been thinking about.  I’ve been thinking how it is a whole lot easier for me to shop for the consequences I want and let them automatically narrow my choices.  Sometimes choice-shopping makes me positively dizzy, what with all the glare thrown by some of the sparkly choices, but consequences are no nonsense – you either want them or you don’t. (You know.  Like the old saying that the road to hell is paved with gold.  Who in their right mind picks hell as their consequence of choice?)

If I had a guitar, and an ear for music, and a pretty voice, I think I’d write a song about “choose the consequence and let the choice follow.”    

What have you been thinking about?


michelle said...

I just actually heard something about choosing the consequence you want and then letting that determine the choices you make (maybe on a podcast of the Priesthood session of Conference?). It just makes so much sense.

Today I've been thinking about how I could simplify my Thursday evenings. They're making me crazy. No solution yet.

Jill said...

This is something we talk about in FHE sometimes because it's a tricky concept for kids to understand.

This morning I'm thinking about how quickly the holidays are coming and how unprepared I am for them (as always) but how I really want to be on top of things this year so I can enjoy the season more.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

That would be easier!

I have noticed that it is so much easier to see the consequences for other people. Not so much for me!

I am trying to think of ways to connect more with my sweet Ethan! I need more fun experiences with him.

Becky said...

Love this!

Jeff has a "Decision Stick" in his office at home (on top of one of the book shelves) that he has used at youth firesides, etc. to demonstrate this concept.

Like Jill said, we have to talk about this a lot at our house because it takes children a while for the idea to sink in.

Right now I am thinking about some potentially big changes on our horizon, how much I love the holidays, and the busy day that Jeff will have tomorrow.