Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 on 12 of January '12

Ande -- Today I was in charge of Levin and Chewie. I had aspirations of teaching them to both roll over. Alas,
my dreams were dashed when one vomited five times and the other whined from teething pains. I'll let you
guess who did what. Levin and Chewie did learn to share however. You might notice Chewie's bone in Levin's
mouth. That wasn't planned for the picture--I didn't even notice until after the picture was taken.
Who knows what else they shared...  (Cali, let me know if Levin gets fleas.)

Joe -- dog proofing the house

Michelle -- The mouse (or mice) has taken to the poison and I am happy about it!

Ty -- I went to Pennsylvania to look for hardwood to make a cradle with.

Ty and Michelle -- We decided after three months without catching a mouse, that we needed to try making our own traps.  We hate this mouse (or mice)!

Abe -- Went out to dinner at Red Robin with our friends, the Heaps.

Grace -- super happy now that I have a new phone! 

Jane -- attended a Relief Society meeting on journaling, blogging, scrapbooking, and story-telling.
These friends sat by me and completely understood when I said I needed a picture.
Back Row:  Barbra, Viki, Betty, Donna, Lisa, Brianne, Josh
Front Row:  Sandra, me

Calvin -- bacon brigade.  He loves being his very own taste tester.   

Ray -- the drop-off

Cali -- the pick-up

The woodpile that Calvin and I are moving and stacking one log at a time.  


Haley Krumblis said...

I loved it, I loved it, I LOVED it!!!! So excited you are doing this again this year! Ty and Michelle CRACK ME UP!!! I can just see the though process that went in to making those traps. I'm still laughing. I'm also laughing that Levin had Chewie's chew toy the whole time! I really want to know what went through Cali's and Ande's minds when they saw/figured that out:) Oh how fun to read and see the pictures. Grace a new phone!?!! And oh that bacon looks delicious:)

Cali said...

I hope what they say about dogs having the cleanest mouths is true. Whenever I wonder about if I should worry when Levin sucks on shoes or dog bones or dirt, I always think of what James Herriot wrote...

The knacker man's kids were the healthiest in town... out playing on the piles of rotting animal corpses

I laughed and laughed when I saw Ty and Michelle's trap. I have a suspicion it was Ty's brain child (he was bored) and Michelle went along and probably even encouraged it. I say you tame that mouse and then you'll have a Stuart Little or Ralph from Mouse and the Motorcycle or maybe you would accidentally get a Templeton from Charlotte's Web... better kill it I guess.

Ande Payne said...

I love seeing everyone's days!

michelle said...

Oh I can relate to that mouse anger! I've never made my own traps, though, that is pretty clever!

Levin sucking on the nylabone is hilarious.

Is Calvin in your kitchen? If so, how do you like having no knobs or handles? We've been without during this painting project and I am excited to have them again (once I install them).

Jill said...

We made a mouse trap like that too but it didn't work and after finding way too much "evidence" of the mouse's healthy bowels we got the poison and haven't seen one since!

That's a lot of wood to move!