Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Homemaking Tip – Ramekins

I have a friend with incredible home décor skills.  If she were a bird, her nest would not be made of globs of mud and old gray sticks, her nest would be made of mud droplets, lined with feathers (clean ones of course), nicely colored and even length twigs, soft grass clippings, and maybe a strand of tinsel or two for sparkle.  Her nest would be situated perfectly in the tree where the leaves shaded it, but didn’t leave it cold.  She has a real gift in decorating and I love to visit her home and bask in it and get ideas from her.

I’m a minimalist.  My nest would be tidy and well-swept, but it wouldn’t have the glitter of tinsel or the softness of freshly gathered feathers; however I would love it and be very happy in my spot in the tree.

Which brings me to the subject of ramekins. 

I have found they are worth the space to store them.  They fit both kinds of nests – tinseled or simple. 

A few years ago I was making crème brulee, so I bought a few and borrowed some others.  Since then I have bought even more and encouraged others to buy them as well.  They make a meal look attractive.  They’re perfect for baking individual pies and desserts.  A simple pasta, fruit, or vegetable salad look so attractive when served in a ramekin.  Even bottled fruit looks prettier.  A side-dish of macaroni and cheese or scalloped potatoes or a main course like pot pies or casseroles fancy up a meal when served in a ramekin.  Another perk of ramekins is you can proportion the food so you can cook the right amount without having lots of leftovers.  

Our $tore has them in red, blue, yellow.  I've seen them in fall colors as well, and then there's always good ol' white.


Alisa said...

I love them too! I like the small ones for serving salsa for those in our family who can't have their food touching.
I like them so much that our littlest know that they are not just a bowl, but a ramekin! Ha!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am not sure yet what my nest would look like... hmmm

michelle said...

I LOVE ramekins! I grew up with them, and made sure to procure a stash when I established my own home. They are the perfect thing for serving m&m's to go with your popcorn, carrot sticks, apple slices, a tiny serving of ice cream, whatever!

(Jill teased me mercilessly for awhile about them, because she hadn't heard the name ramekin before. So I am feeling rather vindicated to see your post about them!)

Deidra said...

We're ramekin fans at our house, too! They are used at our house mostly as ice cream bowls. That way, we can have ice cream as often as we'd like!

Julie said...

I'm definitely the tinsel nest. :) I do love my stuff and I especially love those ramekins. So much so I just had to have some and of course your $store didn't have enough! I went to the one in Spokane and bought 18 square ones for myself and some for Becka and Steve's sister as well! They looked beautiful on Christmas Eve with our creme brulee in them! Can't wait to use them for other things, including that yummy dessert you served at the baby shower! Great idea!